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ALC Gathering 2021 Photo Gallery
Pics creds: Mary Jean McAnnulla and others

ALC Gathering- Invitation & scrolling slide inspirations
ALC Gathering - Short overviews
Video creds: Mary Jean McAnnulla
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Conf video clips & interviews

                       'Travel' in the Spirit to Kenya

On Friday evening Oct 8, our group 'traveled' with Holy Spirit to Kenya to 'visit' our dear long-time friends Noel & Mieke Alexander who were there on a six-week long missions trip to their ministry base in Kiungani, Kenya.  Read about the details of that 'visit' here: 'Travel' to Kenya

                           ALC Gathering- Comments

Thanks!  We're so thrilled to catch up on what you are giving your hearts to.  We have heard this word on and off since the early 80’s in our time in word of faith and it resonated way back then.  Wonderful to be given the encouragement of it being for everyone!  . . and you are right, It is TIME!  Your JOY in believing and your infectious glee as a secure son is a wonderful vessel to have this message flow through to the masses.  So glad to be included!!!!

We wanted to say a big Thank You for hosting this life changing conference last weekend.  Wow, Wow!  It was above and beyond our imaginations... Good.

I want you to know that we truly had an amazing time at the conference and at your house.  The boys have said on more than one occasion that they are ready for another one!!!  We love your heart and what you are cultivating.  Again thank you for encouraging us so much.  So excited to be on the journey with you.



Now I am even more conscious of the words I sing, (as if I wasn’t already) because every time I worship I engage with heaven and sing from my higher reality, which is in Heaven!

We really had a great time these last few days. What a joy to hang out with everyone… the ALC ‘family’ is starting to take shape.  This is what church should be like.  I enjoyed this weekend more than anything we have done in the last several YEARS.  It was amazing to watch the “no-agenda” agenda take shape.  Everyone participating.  And many of them barely into this move and yet able to fully participate.  There is a sense of learning and growing together in a safe place where everyone can contribute.  So nice and refreshing.  

There was such a pulling together from everyone.  It is amazing how impactful it can be in a room filled with many free and powerful thinkers pulling on each other's experience while pulling on the presence of Papa, engaging His mystical characteristics.  There was an incredible sense of family among us.  Relationship building in that atmosphere was easy-peasey.



The one-on-one conversations were a treasure to me.  I got to ask some leadership questions that I’ve been wanting to dig into with several people.  We also got to know so many folks that I had only seen in passing online (and meet a bunch of new ones!).  Multiple people in those conversations expressed a longing for a group to meet with in-person after experiencing the non-Zoom world this weekend.  That seems to be the next frontier for a lot of us.

                                        Last thoughts:

In the future we will refer to our larger corporate times as ALC Gatherings

We love the homey informal atmosphere... the spontaneous participation and the free flow of worship with prophetic and Heavenly emphasis easily interspersed during the worship experience.  We are committed to foster a group mindset of worshiping from our Heavenly reality.  Fellowship and dining together to facilitate relational exchanges are high values that we want to emphasize.  As a result, it is our desire that our name, our focus and our practices reflect all of these values.

Regarding upcoming ALC Gatherings: We may have a Spring 2022 ALC Gathering in another city.  And it seems highly likely that we'll have another ALC Gathering here in Kansas City in Fall 2022, if not before.  

Your prayers and insights are welcomed and valued!

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