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50. Stories to Inspire

There’s an amazing ‘merging’ happening… especially for the believers.  The separation between Heaven and earth is being reduced... until eventually we will move back and forth seamlessly.  Experiences in the Heavenly realms are getting more and more frequent and familiar.   The fact is, these Heavenly realms have always been a part of our inheritance, we just didn’t have revelation and faith for experiencing them.  Here, try this familiar verse:


“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ…” – Eph 1:3


So here’s a question: How many of those ‘Heavenly places’ are you familiar with?  And it seems to say that we have to be IN those Heavenly places in order to be blessed with the “every spiritual blessing”. 

Well, the good part is that God has a plan to bring Heaven and earth together into one.


“… that in the fullness of the times He might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven and which are on earth—in Him.” - Eph 1:10


This next story is a touching example of the seamless and impacting merging of the two realms! 


Could that be MY baby?

"I was seeing a hospice patient in his home. He was bedbound, unresponsive and had been non-verbal for several weeks.  He was getting close to passing away.  His family was gathered around and we were discussing how great Heaven must be.  The patient opened his eyes, he started talking, and he went on and on about people he had seen… even people that I was told had already passed away.  I remember him mentioning an Aunt Peggy… and his mother… and he kept talking about a baby that Aunt Peggy was holding… a baby girl. 

The family was in shock initially and a granddaughter in the corner of the room started crying.  So, I went over and put my arm around the granddaughter to give her comfort, thinking that maybe she was freaked out.  But she looked up at me and said, “Grandpa doesn’t know this, but I lost a baby a few weeks ago.”  Then she asked me, “Could that be my baby?”  I told her maybe she should go talk to him. 

She walked up to his bedside and without questioning him, he
immediately looked at her and said, “It’s her and she’s perfect and
beautiful and I can’t wait to go and hold her.”


So after all of that, there were more tears.  He talked for a little while
longer before falling back to sleep.  He never woke up again and he
passed away the next day.


Looking back, God not only provided peace for the family in their loss, but also peace to the granddaughter regarding her miscarriage.  Through all of that, their faith in the Lord grew." - ML/MO

Newborn girl.png

49. Stories to Inspire

Learning to live in the spiritual blessings which are found in the Heavenly places (Eph 1:3), needn’t take very long.  Really, it only requires simple childlike believing. 

Recently, we were in LA leading an ALC One-day seminar.  Tamie had been invited by a friend although Tamie had never been in an ‘ascended life’ meeting nor even heard about living in the Heavenly places.  But she was a serious believer and fairly solid in the Word.  All day she listened and participated.  I could tell she was ‘getting it’ and that her spirit was bearing witness. 

That next week she had an occasion to activate what she had heard.  In simple beginning ways, she moved into our Heavenly inheritance of co-governing with God.  Tamie went to Father first, rallied around His Word, then ‘took’ His Word and imparted it into her sister-in-law.  Well… the proof of the puddin’ is in the eatin’ (or hearing).  😊 Here’s the story...


It's easy peasey - simply believe

“My sister-in-law has suffered from insomnia for a long
time - nothing has worked so she uses sleeping pills.  I

called her and after I hung up I remembered the teaching
that I'd heard a few days earlier. 

So, I prayed and saw myself in the Heavenly throne room.  I presented her case and reminded the Father of His promise that HE would grant sleep to those HE loves. (Ps 127:2) Then, I ‘see’ myself claiming that promise and laying hands on her and blessing her in her bed.


She texted me the next day to say that she felt so refreshed.  And that this was the first time she slept without any sleeping pills.  In fact, she slept so well that she even dreamed.  Praise the Lord!!!” – TA/CA

Addendum: She is steadily improving now. 


48. Stories to Inspire

We shared with our long-time friend Karen, about how angels are sent to minister to us... and that she would definitely benefit from this amazing resource from the Heavenly places.  She didn't know that it was OK to engage with angels.  So, while we were with her, and with her permission, we prayed and opened a Heavenly door for her. 

Here’s a story she texted me just 4 weeks later!

Quit looking down... look up!

"Well... I have an angel story...


I went to watch the sunset 🌅 at Anini Beach last night.  I put my car keys in side pocket of the beach chair.  When we packed up to go home, I couldn't find them.  We searched and searched.  Finally, my husband Andy, had to bring me the spare car key.

I got up early this am before work to go look again at the beach.  I was very discouraged.  It was high tide.  I walked up and down the beach and couldn't find
them.  I figured that they must have washed out into the
ocean.  I had been staring down at the sand while I was 
walking.  Finally, I stopped and out loud, I asked God to
send his angels to help me find my keys.  I heard a still
small voice say "Quit looking down... look up"!   There, two
feet in front of me, was a big tall stick in the sand and my
keys were sitting on top!!!  

I laughed out loud!   So thankful!!!  I wish I had my camera... I would've taken a photo!  It was so funny!" - KF/HI

angel beach.jpg

47.  Stories to Inspire

With so many new ascended life realities opening up before us, we're finding brand new ways of doing Kingdom business.  Consider this: 

"Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession." - Ps 2:8

In the past, the only way to get to the nations, was to get a train, boat or plane ticket... 0r maybe connect with a Zoom call... because how else could you get in touch with the nations?   


But with our freedoms in the Heavenlies... we can now 'travel' to destinations without ever leaving of home.  And we have some amazing trophies to show for it!  

In this next story, Jesus 'drafted' Tom in ways that he didn't expect.  Without leaving his bed, and in a moment, Tom traveled over 1100 miles to defuse a national news debacle that was holding the nation spellbound.  

O boy, this opens up crazy new possibilities... and offers new ways to interpret familiar passages of Scripture.  How fun!!



You want me to do what!?

In 1996, while lying on my bed, the TV news cast reported the 'Montana Freemen stand-off'.  As I watched, I heard Jesus tell me that He wanted me to go to Montana for the purpose of ending this stand-off.  Well, I had 'issues' with that.  I told the Lord that I was not saying, "No", but had serious concerns regarding the practicality: I had no funds to spare. the ATF, FBI, and Montana State police were there and they would simply dismiss me if I said, "God told me".  I had no vacation days and I had a wife and four children.  I did not see how this was even remotely possible.  I again reiterated to Jesus all of these 'facts' and concerns, but reminded Him that I wasn't saying, "No".

The very next thing that I was aware of, I was in Montana, in the

very house of the stand-off, standing in front of LeRoy M.

Schweitzer (the leader of the Freemen). I looked around the

room and saw the other Freemen, and I distinctly saw the

children forced to sit along all four walls.  At the very same time,

I saw my own hotel room and bed.  Weird!  I was standing about 3 feet away from LeRoy and face to face with him. 

At that point, Lord Jesus took control of me.  He animated my gestures, and spoke what He wanted to say.  I know it was Him, because I would never have said what Jesus said and not with the grace and compassion that Jesus used.  I will leave out what Jesus said.  But it was personal and to the point.  Jesus was compassionate, yet firm.  He was holding Leroy accountable. 

Within 2 or 3 days, the news reported that LeRoy M. Schweitzer released the children and surrendered peacefully.  The children were a significant part of what Jesus talked about.  Well, as history will confirm, LeRoy was convicted, sent to prison, and died in prison. 


I know what I experienced, but I've always been curious to know about LeRoy's experience?  Did he see me.  Did he see Jesus?  What did he experience?  Did anyone there see me?  I may never know.  I realize that to the reader this story sounds fairly subjective, but the external evidence seems to validate my experience. - TP/MO

The Standoff.jpg

46.  Stories to Inspire

One of our many new frontiers in Heavenly realities has been in sending spiritual text messages.  Yes, this sounds ‘new agey’, but even if new agers do it, remember, the devil never invented anything.  Rather, he is a counterfeiter of something that God created.  Jesus acknowledged that there are wrong ways of entering the spiritual realms... and He said that if we do it the wrong way we are a thief and a robber (Jn 10:1).  So, it is our aim to find the Godly way of moving into these new frontiers.  Jesus gave us specific instructions and parameters in John 10:9, “I am the Door.  If any man enters he will be saved, and he shall go in and out and find pasture.”   So what is the safe way?  Hear from Him and then do it through HIM!!!

So how do you send a spiritual text?  Of course, everything is by faith, just like when we pray for the sick or when we prophesy... or even when we get saved!  But it boils down to engaging with God’s Spirit and your own spirit.  1) Ask Holy Spirit what He wants ‘sent’ and then 2) get ‘in touch with your spirit’ and 3) ‘push’… or believe that impression is landing in its intended focus.  The only thing left is to believe, and then later, check in with the person you sent the ‘text’ to.  We will no doubt have to grow in this... grow in hearing... grow in faith... just like a little child. 

O boy!!!  God is opening a LARGE door to the Heavenlies… larger than we ever realized.  This next story ended with a surprising outcome and a happy heart. 


“He’s blessed us with ALL spiritual blessings IN the Heavenly places.” – Eph 1:3



She can cry if she wants to

Taking my que from Jesus who “knew their thoughts”, I engaged my spirit to send a ‘spiritual text’ to a fellow ascended life leader.  We had given each other special permission to engage in this exercise.  As I asked Holy Spirit what I should ‘send’, out of the blue I heard the phrase, ‘She can cry if she wants to’.  That was so different that I thought it must be the Lord. 

So I engaged my spirit and by faith, ‘sent the text’.   The next day I called my friend and asked if he had received my ‘text’.  He said he had completely forgotten about
our project.  So I told him my experience and what I ‘sent’.  He said,
“You know, yesterday I was counseling a married couple when the lady
began to cry.  When this happened, the thought came into my mind,
“She can cry if she wants to.” 

When he told me the account of the previous day, we were both
surprised and inspired.  I suggested that it might be good to tell the
lady that the Lord had ‘hovered’ over her and endorsed her tender
time during that counseling session.  My friend told the lady and she
exclaimed, “That 60s song was very special to me in an earlier time
of my life when I was going through difficult times.”  The song is, ‘It’s My Party’ – by Leslie Gore (1963) 

Don’t you just love the innovative and wonderful ways of God!! – MH/MO



45.  Stories to Inspire

The ascended life has some exciting new frontiers.  I say new… but actually many of these new frontiers are really old because they’re clearly in Scripture if we just realized what we’re reading.  Today our topic is: ‘Expanding our spirit’. 

So let me cite just three occasions where Jesus exhorts and models expanding our spirit. 


Jesus said, “If the home is deserving, let your peace rest on it; if it is not, let your peace return to you.” – Matt 10:13

Jesus and the centurion’s sick servant - The centurion said, “Just say the word, and let my servant be healed. And when those who had been sent returned to the house, they found the servant well.” – Lk 7:3-10


A Capernaum official’s son at the point of death. - “The official said to Jesus, “Sir, come down before my child dies.” Jesus said to him, “Go; your son will live.” The man believed the word that Jesus spoke to him and went on his way.  As he was going down, his servants met him and told him that his son was recovering.  So he asked them the hour when he began to get better, and they said to him, “Yesterday at the seventh hour the fever left him.” The father knew that was the hour when Jesus had said to him, “Your son will live.” – Jn 4:46-53


And one occasion involving Peter’s shadow…


“So that they brought the sick out into the streets and laid
them on beds and couches, that at least the shadow of Peter
passing by might fall on some of them.” – Acts 5:15


Here are some probing questions: 1) Can I activate my spirit beyond my body?  2) If so, how far can my spirit exercise influence?  3) How do I do this?  4) Does it require faith? 5)  Can the measure of my faith determine how far I can ‘expand’ my spirit?  These are exciting questions that will likely require fresh eyes and new faith to comprehend.  But this Scripturally based 'new' frontier will exponentially expand our ability with another 'tool', to bring the Kingdom of God into any situation.  

The following stories are told by my sister Leann Albrecht, who has been on this Heavenly ‘relocation’ journey for several years.  These were her early experiences of purposefully expanding her spirit over people and things, as she felt prompted by the Lord.



How big is your spirit?


Grocery store disturbance

“I was shopping for groceries when I heard a mother and child arguing with each other a few aisles over.  I felt the Lord say, “Expand your spirit over them.”  Well, I wasn’t sure that you can expand your spirit to that distance… but I tried.  I brought them into the love of the Father and shalom of God.  Then, I sort of forgot about the issue.  A short time later, the mother and child entered my aisle and life was harmonious between them now.” 

Peaceful plane ride

“I had just boarded a plane and sat down.  Shortly, in the seat immediately behind me, a child being held on a mother’s lap began fussing and making a disturbance.  I was perturbed and asked God what He was going to do about it.  I ‘heard’ Him say, “What are you going to do about it?”  I asked Him “What should I do?”  He said, “Expand’ your spirit over the child.”  And so I did and declared the love of the Father and shalom of God over them.  Within minutes the child fell asleep and slept peacefully in its mother’s arms for the duration of the flight.”



“I was on a plane ride when it suddenly
experienced severe turbulence.  I asked the
Lord what was going on.  He said, “Expand
your spirit around the plane.”  I wondered if
I could expand my spirit over an inanimate
object… but tried.  I brought the whole plane
into the love of the Father and shalom of
God.  Within moments the plane ride was
glassy smooth... for the remainder of the flight.  As I asked the Lord about this experience, I felt that He said, “There are souls on this plane that needed to experience the love of God.”” – LA/TN


44.  Stories to Inspire

Don’t you just love it when the Heavenly realm makes itself known in overt ways in our lives?  Wow!  It inspires us to be more committed to walk in sync with Heaven… because who doesn’t want to see the supernatural manifested in the natural realm!  And BTW, that is most definitely a big part of our inheritance… to walk on earth and in Heavenly realities simultaneously. 

This happened for Chris.  Angels spared her life!

Angels drove my car


This is my first experience of seeing in the Spirit realm. 

I was at a hospital with a friend and her family, in Portland, Maine.  My friend’s brother had been in a serious motorcycle accident and was declared brain dead.  After being in the hospital for 48 hours straight, in the very early morning hours, my friend and I left the hospital in one car while her family followed in a car behind us.  I was driving home and very tired.  I closed one eye to see more clearly… and put my head outside the window, etc.  That worked for about an hour.

All of a sudden I was overcome by shear exhaustion where I knew I could not keep my eyes open.  I know this section of the road very well.  There were cliffs on both sides of the road.  I thought, “O my goodness I’m going to crash.  Our friends will drive up on us and find us in a devastating accident.  What more could happen to these people?!”  My eyes seemed to almost be forced closed and I didn’t have time to pull over.  So I said, “Jesus help!”  Then my eyes closed. 

With my eyes closed I saw 3 huge angels
around my car
.  When I saw them, I remember
thinking, “O Thank You, Jesus”…because there
was no way I could open my eyes.  I don’t know
how long I had my eyes closed, but when I
opened my eyes, I could still see the angels

They were huge beings… like really buff strong,
strong men.  The had really long hair.  Their faces
were very bright, there was a brightness about all of them.  They were wearing white.


They were around the front of my car and then I realized that there were angels all around my car.  And I noticed that my car was lifted off the ground… not 10 feet… just a little bit.  I took the steering wheel and whipped it back and forth, but the car didn’t respond at all.  I thought, “O my word!  There are angels lifting my car off the ground!”

That jolted me so much that I was now wide awake.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  At the point that I was fully awake and aware, the angels gently lowered the car back down those few inches onto the ground.  I could feel it… like the smoothest airplane touchdown landing that you’ve ever felt.  I can still feel it today. 

The car was now back on the road.  Then I took the steering wheel and whipped it back and forth again.  This time, the car veered back and forth and then the angels were gone.  I was in awe.

I jabbed my sleeping friend pretty hard, “You won’t believe it!  I just fell asleep, and angels drove the car.”  She said, “Maybe you ought to pull over and sleep a bit.”  I said, “Are you kidding me, I could drive to California now, if I needed to.  You don’t get it, I fell asleep and God sent angels to spare our lives.”

That experience gives me much consolation when I go through difficulties.  It was amazing to have that Heavenly veil pulled back a little bit for me to see that I have angels assigned to me.  They actually have a tangible effect on things in my life.  I’m still in awe as I tell the story today! – CH

Angels bear you up.png

43.  Stories to Inspire

Angel sightings and angel engagements are on the rise.  Heaven is releasing a greater grace for the saints to engage with our angelic partners.  Approximately 300 mentions of angels in Scripture give many examples of the partnership of angels and saints.  So, should the 'former house' have a greater experience than the 'latter house'?  Of course, not!

Jesus said, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.”  Which means that if we are born again, WE CAN SEE!  As someone models this for us and as we are trained, our faith begins to rise to walk in our God-given inheritance.  Sometimes, all we need is for someone to tell us that we can!!!

You can see!  We all can see!  It's our inheritance.

Angel of Courage!

Recently, I was at a celebration-of-life service for a long-time friend Dennis.  His son Pat, had promised his dad that he would sing and play a certain song at the funeral.  But Pat was so flustered that he messed up royally on the guitar.  He stopped, turned aside and was about to give up completely.  Everything was awkwardly silent for a few moments. 

As a father, I felt compelled to ‘come alongside’ him so that he didn’t walk away defeated.  I instantly engaged an angel to impart courage and strength
for him to press on.  In just a few moments, Pat regained
his resolve and sang the rest of the song a cappella. 

As I stayed engaged in the Spirit with Pat, I wondered if I
could see the angel with my eyes open.  So, I focused my
attention on that part of the stage and sure enough there
was an angel who wrapped his arms/robes around him
and held him.   It was a glowing soft apparition about 5-7’ 
wide and about 7-8’ tall.  The angel stayed with him the
whole time. 


Several times, I checked to make sure I was really seeing
this angel and even though the outline wasn’t crisp and
clearly defined, it was unmistakably an angel.  I’ve ‘seen’
many angels with my eyes closed, but I’ve only seen them
a few times with my eyes open. 

This graphic is constructed of an actual but trimmed picture of Pat singing during the funeral.  The angel wings around him are photo-shopped in a way that portrays something very close to what I saw. 


Later that evening, I messaged Pat the above account.  He was grateful… and replied with the following…

FB Message from Pat

“I just want you to know that I could feel it.  I had a friend with me that came to honor my dad.  Last night after I walked off stage, he told me with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on his face…  “Dude… when you put your head down weeping, I thought you were going to quit for sure.  Then, when you looked up and started singing a cappella, it sounded like the voice of an angel.  It was the most powerful experience I’ve ever seen and the hairs stood up on my arms.  God was with you and I think He touched me too.”

“I’ve never heard my friend talk like that.  Thank you for sharing this Mark, thank you for serving with and loving my dad.  Thank you and Debbie for being there and for your prayer.” – PD

Interesting note
My friend who passed away, was the principal of Dominion Christian School where in 1989, the school was visite
d with a very unusual and powerful move of God.  Many of the children saw and engaged with angels and were escorted to and through Heaven… some great stories!  How appropriate to have angels in attendance at his funeral! - MLH

Pat 5.jpg

42.  Stories to Inspire

Religion hasn't done a great job of helping us experience the Heavenly side of our relationship with God.  But a huge door has opened to the body of Christ in the last few years... a door that invites us to 'ascend' into the Heavenlies to experience our inheritance, first hand.

Vicky is a wonderful and precious woman of God and when it came time to try something new, she was willing.  And what's so cool is that God met her at that first gesture of willingness.  Without any mental 'sweat' she was immediately taken into her Heavenly inheritance - His Presence.  That kind of Heavenly encounter leaves an indelible impact on our lives... and many times, it's deeper than we can actually articulate.

But isn't that just one of so many things that impress us about our Father?  He's able to change our hearts when our heads don't even know what happened.  It just makes us fall more in love with Him!


First time experience... never to be forgotten

“I’ve never had an experience like this before."

"During an ‘ascension’ meeting with Mark at the Wilderness
Prayer Center, I focused my mind on going to Heaven. I had
a slight physical sensation of going up… and saw that I was
approaching the Throne… and then Jesus came to meet me. 
I didn’t see any facial features but just ‘knew’ that it was Jesus.  The feeling of love and acceptance and being completely cared for was the main way that I identified Him.  The ‘greeting’ was very short because as I drew near to Him, I saw and felt something coming from Jesus like liquid love pouring over me and inside of me.  I actually felt it go through me.  Then it seemed to change and it became a waterfall pouring over me, cleansing me completely."


"It was a simple encounter but very powerful, refreshing and ‘filled my tank’, because I felt so valued that He would meet with me and pour His love in me.  I will never forget this impacting experience, which is now a significant ‘memory stone’ in my relationship with Jesus.” – VN


41.  Stories to Inspire

Heaven is waiting to be invited, engaged, activated.  Really!  Jesus said He could have called for thousands of angels (Matt 26:53).  (He didn’t because that would have foiled His ultimate mission at the Cross.)  Abraham bargained with angels, Manoah inquired of an angel, Jacob wrestled an angel for a blessing, Zechariah told an angel what to do, Mary questioned an angel, etc. 

Wouldn’t it be disappointing to find out that we 'toughed it out alone', only to find out that we had one of the greatest resources of Heaven waiting for our signal to bring us into triumph? 

In this next story, angels were solicited and engaged over this business, which yielded a rather dramatic outcome.  How exciting as we discover all the Biblical possibilities we have with all of the Heavenly hosts... and as we learn the Heavenly protocols to engage them!  We’re going to get good at partnering with Heaven!


Takin' it to the streets - 54th St Grill

A few years ago, my friend Walt and I were looking for ways to invade and impact the business world with Kingdom realities.  We knew an assistant manager of the local 54th St Grill and asked him for permission to come in every Tuesday morning before they opened so that we could pray over the building and for the business and staff, etc.  He agreed and we prayed for about an hour each Tuesday morn.  We aggressively engaged angelic ministry and assistance over the whole operation.  The assistant manager and manager listened in from time to time.  After about 6 weeks, it sort of felt like our assignment was over, so we notified the manager that we were finished. 

A few days after that, there was a bank robbery in downtown
Kansas City.  The thieves drove their get-away car south
through Grandview, MO and past 54th St Grill.  For some
‘strange’ reason they decided to stop and rob the restaurant
on their way by.  They entered the store with guns drawn
and were in the process of robbing the store.  But just at
that time, as the Lord would have it, a police officer spotted
the get-away car, entered the store and quickly, without
incident, stopped the robbery, apprehended the criminals...
and recouped the stolen bank money, too.


Afterwards the manager excitedly exclaimed, “The reason that robbery got foiled is because Mark & Walt have been releasing angels over this restaurant for the last 6 weeks!  It was because of those angels!” 

Angels are waiting to be invited into our lives and into Kingdom activity and to minister to all that pertains to us.  Don’t let them get bored! - MLH


“Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?” – Heb 1:14

40. Stories to Inspire

Holy Spirit prays powerful prayers through us (Rms 8:26).  And His prayers are always:
             Perfect prayers
             Powerful prayers
             Timely prayers
             In alignment with Father’s will
             Always gets answers to all of His prayers


And Paul says, “I will pray with the spirit, and I will also pray with the understanding. I will sing with the spirit, and I will also sing with the understanding.” – I Cor 14:15

Have you ever asked Holy Spirit what He’s praying through you when you’re praying in tongues?  Try it next time.  You might get a most wonderful surprise like we did.  


Holy Spirit surprise – travel in the Spirit

I was in a prayer meeting.  We were all praying in tongues.  I
suggested that we ask Holy Spirit what He was praying through
us and then ask if we could participate with Him.  Within a minute
or so, and without warning or any lead-up ‘thought trail’, I found
myself ‘flying’ over Northern San Diego County – Vista and then Carlsbad, CA.  I ended up about 150 feet above RC’s house.  I could see the ocean in the distance and I could see down inside his house… but I didn’t ‘go in’.  I was aware of the essence of the ‘burden’ that I was praying in tongues, but didn’t say anything in English.  That lasted a few minutes and then the encounter ended. 


At the end of the prayer meeting I told the group about my very vivid experience and informed them that the tickets were already purchased tickets for my wife and I to travel to SD County in two weeks.  After that point my ‘flying’ encounter got completely ‘sealed off’ to me.  I didn’t even think about it once, until near the end of this story.

My wife and I traveled by plane to San Diego.  Without any thought of my spiritual ‘flying’ encounter, I called up my friend RC, and invited him and his wife out to dinner.  RC said, “Come over to the house, we’ll talk and then go to dinner afterwards.”  We did… and we had an amazing time.  (In retrospect I realize that our conversation touched the essence of what I prayed about in the encounter.)  We went out to dinner and had two hours of a super good time.  Debbie and I remarked when we drove away, that was probably the most meaningful time we’ve ever had with them. 

Two days later, I was riding in a car with another friend MH, who said, “Isn’t that where RC lives?”  At that moment, the ‘flying’ encounter that I had with Holy Spirit in the prayer meeting two weeks before, suddenly reappeared from my memory.  I quickly exclaimed, “MH, I came here in the Spirit two weeks ago and in our recent time with RC and his wife, we ‘lived out’ essentially everything that I encountered two weeks ago.  Wow!  It all unfolded like the encounter.”

We were both amazed!  Two weeks ahead of time, Holy Spirit had taken me to set some things in place and in motion.  Then He sealed it up, so that memory wouldn’t guide me.  Then two weeks later, after the great time of fellowship was over, God unlocked my memory so that I recalled the encounter and could see the power of traveling in the Spirit and traveling in time. 

Wow! Wow! Wow!  This ‘above the line’ world is so fascinating and captivating.  More Lord! – MLH

39. Stories to Inspire

Most of us believe in angels.  It’s likely that many of us believe that angels attend to us.   But most of us have very little understanding of angels and much less interaction with angels.  What would it do for you to ‘see’ your angels actively engaged in their assignments over your home and over you?  Would that inspire you?  Would you feel more protected, secure and emboldened in your life and family?  I think the answer is unquestionably, “Yes!”

That’s what happened to a couple of our friends.  Without any preconceived expectation, they saw something which gave them a great deal of faith to believe that they were receiving the supernatural help of angels on patrol, protecting their home.

I think you’ll like this simple but impacting story from Tyler and Crystal.

Angels on assignment

"A few weeks ago, our neighbor drove by and said that they “saw our cat entertaining a family of raccoons” in our front yard.  That neighbor called and suggested that we view it on our security cameras.  We accessed the camera memory and found something very different… 

We never did see the cat and raccoons, but were surprised to see this wispy ‘figure’ move across our yard just in front of our porch, as if it was an angel on patrol.  Very encouraging and inspiring! 


A few days ago, without any prompting, our daughter said that she saw an angel in our back yard and said it was very similar to what was on our cameras a few weeks ago.

Thank God, the Heavenly realms are becoming so much more real, these days!” – TS/MO

(Starts at about 5 seconds in... a figure moves across the lawn from our right to left,)


38. Stories to Inspire

How many times have you discovered a phrase tucked away inside a verse that you know so well?  It was like the Light of Heaven shone on it in a brand-new way, revealing a brand new rhema.  And when that rhema bursts alive, you find that it is easy to embrace or walk in the reality of that new insight. 

That’s the power of Revelation.  When revelation comes, it also brings the permission and empowerment to walk in the reality of that revelation.  This is so clear in Col 3:4.


“When Christ, who is our life, appears, we shall appear with Him in glory.” – Col 3:4

Let me elaborate on that verse, like this:

As often as Jesus appears to you... and in whatever way He appears to you... He brings with Him the permission and empowerment for you to manifest in that same glory that He just manifested.” – Mark’s Expanded Version

O boy!!!  So Julie found a little phrase tucked away in a very familiar verse.  There it was.  Had it been hiding in there all this time?  Of course it had.   Evidently God thought she was ready to take the next step.

And so she did.  She engaged with the living Word of God.  You’ll like Julie's story.  And you’ll want to try it.  That’s the power of testimonies. 


And I will manifest Myself to him


Yesterday morning, my husband Jeff and I were talking about John 14:21, which says, 


And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him.” 


After Jeff went to work, I remained in the living room, sitting
in one of the fireplace chairs, pondering this verse that seems
to promise us that if we love Jesus He will personally appear
to us.  What an amazing promise!  

So I closed my eyes and said to the Lord, “I love you, Lord,
please manifest Yourself to me.”  Then when I opened my
eyes and looked at our couch, this is what I saw!  

On the velour blanket, there was an image of Jesus‘ hand…
and His arm up to His shoulder… and the sleeve of His robe. 
Do you see it?  And can you see the nail print on His hand?

What an amazing God we have!  So faithful and true to His promises!

So the next morning, guess where I had my quiet time?... in that very place, in His arms! – JE/KS

Jesus manifest.jpg

37. Stories to Inspire

Our Heavenly 'family' is getting more real, more relevant and more practical all the time.  What a gift from our most loving Father!

People ask frequently, "So how does this change your life?"

And that's a great question.  I'd want to know, also.  For starters, when a person's heart gets tenderized and their mindset about Heavenly realities gets upgraded, that a real blessing, right!?!?   But when our circumstances are being radically effected for the good, that becomes the 'icing on the cake'.

A friend of mine is experiencing some very real life changing benefits from partnering with her angels... which is just one category of Heaven's many resources to the saints.

What would you think if this was your family?  Would you be happy?  You betcha!

Due to the personal nature of this story the names have been withheld or changed.


Reconciler is on the job!

My family has been disconnected for the past 5 years, which
was when a disastrous Christmas resulted in disconnection of
relationships and family members taking sides.  It was heart
breaking for this Mama to watch it unfold.  But God has been
faithful to grow my faith and equip me with faith-tools to
bring breakthrough and reconciliation in my family.

So, I met a new angel named Reconciler, about a month ago.  It has been really fun to partner with Reconciler in assignments for my family.  Since I've met and partnered with him, here are a few wonderful developments with my adult children and their families.

1. My son called to tell me of a dream he had about 2 weeks ago.  In the dream his sister came to visit and met her niece and nephew she had never met.  My son woke feeling hopeful, peaceful and encouraged about the possibility of reconciliation!!   Woot! Woot!

2. Another son called and wanted to let me know they would like to come visit.  (We haven’t seen them since last summer.  They have chosen to not be together because of covid.)  While here, some very painful situations from 20 years ago were brought up in a conversation - blaming me.  The Lord gave me grace to stay 'present' and listen.  The result was that my son said, “Mom, I don’t think I have ever said this, but I want to celebrate you for taking the courage to leave Dad.”  That was a 180 from where the conversation had started.

3. More family was here last weekend.  We had a delightful time.  I asked my son for a private meeting in my office and God gave me grace to ask questions and share my heart with him around a story he had told me that I had a very different perception of.  He listened and I felt his heart shift…he stood up and walked to me and gave me a big long hug and said, "Mom, I love you."  Woot! Woot!

4. Next, I received a text message from a daughter (another big disconnect with she and her family) asking us to come for Grandparents Day at my granddaughter’s school.  We made the 7 hour trip and had a wonderful time with our granddaughter at her school and spending time together with her family.  I am so grateful for hearts opening to connection.

5. More recently, I received a call from my son.  He had taken the day off.  He shared what he is learning about meditation!  My ears perked up!  He asked me if I would lead in a meditation/prayer... however I wanted... with him on the phone.  Wow, so cool!  So I did both.  It was a sweet heart connection that we had not experienced before.

6. A few days ago, I received a call from my oldest daughter.  I haven’t had any communication from her for months.  She called to apologize for the things that she said to me the last time we talked.  Wow!  Guess who is at work!  Reconciler!

I'm thanking God for letting me partner with my angel Reconciler.

I am so grateful that we are learning to meet our angels and partner with them.  When there had seemingly been no evidence of healing in the family, the tide has shifted and fruit is coming forth..  Glory to God! - MD/MO

angel network

36. Stories to Inspire

Our Heavenly inheritance is expanding all the time.  Just one of those areas of inheritance has been traveling in our spirit with Holy Spirit to do Kingdom missions.  And it’s been an amazing adventure. 

But, as we all know, it's also Biblical to ‘travel’ in our body.  Jesus did it, Philip did it, Ezekiel did it, Paul did it… etc.  And we even have modern day examples of it.

A convincing and significant record of these phenomena are recounted in the writings of the Catholic mystics (Remember, that was the only church there was until about 500 years ago).  Sadly, we lost many of those Heavenly realities.  BUT, what we lost is being regained in this last century.  And we’re actually seeing some of this recuperation happen right before our eyes. 

Don’t you love it!  We’re stepping into that same reality that inspired John to write:


“That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched—this we proclaim concerning the Word of life.” – I Jn 1:1


These 'Stories to Inspire' are of the ‘seen and touched’ kind!  Thank You, God!

Continue reading as my sister Leann Albrecht, tells of when her friend ‘disappeared’ for a while to go on a Kingdom mission. 

Where’s Betty?

It was a Tuesday evening worship service.  Betty took her place on the same seat in the front row, where she always sits.

That day there had been a huge and very devastating earthquake in Nepal.  So we spent time during worship, praying for Nepal.

As I was leading worship and sometime in the middle of our time of prayer, I looked up and realized that Betty wasn’t in her seat.  I just thought that she may have stepped out for a minute to go to the bathroom.  But ten minutes later she was still gone.  I thought to myself, “I hope she’s alright.  I’ll ask her later.”

Afterward, Betty was walking around, so I asked her, “Are you ok?”
“Sure, why?”
“You were gone from your seat for a while during worship.”
“No way. I was here the whole time.”
“I thought you may have gone to the bathroom.”
“No I never left my seat.”
“Ok then where were you?”

“I was in Nepal, walking the streets.  People were bumping into me because they couldn’t see me.  I could smell the street life and hear and feel the terror.  So, I released the Presence of God… the Peace and Power of Jesus over the people in the streets.  Then I came back.” 


Even as we talked about it afterward, Betty was completely unaware that she had not only traveled with Holy Spirit in her spirit, but in physical form, too.  It was very hard for her to comprehend!

What a deal!!  This Heavenly mission with Holy Spirit involved Betty’s spirit AND body!  And there’s so much more ahead, for all of us!

We soar together.jpg

35. Stories to Inspire

Are you ready to translate or travel in the Spirit?  Well, get ready.  It's becoming much more common. 

In history we’ve heard of an occasional crazy cool story of those who have traveled in the Spirit on missions to other places in the world and then returned to tell the amazing stories.  We've even heard of a very few who've brought back artifacts... or maybe they still had dust on their feet from their travels on dirt roads, etc.  These accounts intrigue us immensely, but may tend to stretch our envelope of credibility.


In the middle 1900s there was a group of intercessors in California called the 'Ladies of Gold'… and they were members of a prayer ministry called the Golden Candlestick.  There are confirmed accounts that these ladies physically traveled in the Spirit for up to days at a time… and then returned with artifacts from their Heavenly missions.  A book entitled Ladies of Gold: The Remarkable Ministry of the Golden Candlestick - Vol 1 by James Maloney, relates some of these incidents.  This group mentored James Maloney who then ministered widely until he passed into his eternal reward in 2021.  Accounts like these are special forerunners and heralders of what's available for more than just a few. 

The truth be told, as we’re entering the Kingdom age, the mode of operation in the Kingdom is getting upgraded all around us.  New frontiers are opening up.  And if you just think about it; If God is going to change the expression of Christianity in a single generation, then we'd better be prepared to be OK with some radical new upgrades!!!

Listen to this account of my good friend’s daughter who traveled in the Spirit in her dream and then found something very unusual the next day, which validated her travel the night before.  Was she actually there in her spirit only… or in body and in spirit?  You decide!

Look what I found!


My local trusted friend has a teenage daughter.  (Her
name shall remain anonymous, so we’ll call her ‘Susie’.) 
Susie's heart had been deeply stirred while on a missions trip
to a foreign country a few years ago and since then she's
been gripped with becoming a missionary.


Recently, ‘Susie’ had the dream of being in Guatemala on a missions trip.  In the dream, a little girl spent quite a bit of time making a bracelet.  ‘Susie’ did not know the little girl nor know her name.  There wasn't too much more to the dream.  But it’s what happened afterward that makes this dream and this story so special.  The next day, in a random search, ‘Susie’ was surprised to find the exact same bracelet in her purse… the same design and same materials!  (Actual bracelet in picture) Susie had never seen this bracelet before, except in the dream.

‘Susie’ told no one about this experience, except her parents… and she wants to remain anonymous.  She has traveled in the Spirit, and in her dreams, but has never brought back artifacts before this.  So what do you think?  Was she there in spirit only… or in body and spirit?

O boy!!  The Heavenlies are getting more real all the time!

34. Stories to Inspire

How would you know if a Heavenly entity was trying to get your attention?   Would they talk to you… would they knock on the door… would they cause a feather to fall in front of you… would they appear in a dream… or ??


You see, as we begin to believe Heb 12:22-23 more fully, we realize that we are currently in the midst of innumerable angels and we are with the church of the Firstborn and all those who’s names are registered in Heaven, etc.  They’re all around us… because we’re in their territory – if we believe our Bibles.  So the communities of earth are learning to integrate with the communities of Heaven.  Paul charges us to set our affections on these things above… don’t think about earth-things anymore (Col 3:1-2). 


“But you have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem.  You have come to thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly, to the church of the firstborn, whose names are written in heaven.  You have come to God, the Judge of all, to the spirits of the righteous made perfect,…” – Heb 12:22-23 


So, not long ago we were activating our faith to engage with all the entities in that passage.  A thought popped into my mind, so I simply spoke, “Be open to a melody of a song which may help you be aware of one of these saints in ‘the cloud’ nearby.” 

Here Debbie relates what she encountered during that activation…

Dad’s favorite song

One of my father’s favorite songs was Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus. 

Years ago, in a beautiful outdoor setting at The Garden Gate Tea

Room, a curious thing happened.  We were leading worship at a

benefit in my father’s honor, and were in the middle of singing

this very song, when someone came up and whispered in my ear

that Dad had just passed away.  I looked up to the clear night sky

full of bright shining stars, and with tears streaming down my face,

we continued to sing…

Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full in His wonderful face
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
In the light of His Glory and Grace

Some of my last words to Dad were thanking him for leading me to Jesus.  So when I hear this song, I always think of him.  But now, this song has taken on new meaning. 

As Mark led us in an activation, I couldn’t hold back the tears.  I realized that Dad had been singing that song to us the night he went home.  I understood for the first time, that Dad was in the great cloud of witnesses worshiping at the Heavenly Garden Gate while we worshiped from the earthly Garden Gate.  And we were singing the same song together.  I felt Heaven and earth merging more than ever before.

Now, every time I hear this song, I will be even more aware of the rich blessing and presence of all those in this "great cloud of witnesses". 

Thanks, Dad.  Thank you for continuing to remind me to turn my eyes upon Jesus.  - DH

33. Stories to Inspire

“The Heavens declare the glory of God.” – Ps 19:1

Yes, we know that the initial interpretation of this verse is referring to the celestial heavens.  But what if there is a broader meaning, such as when all of the resources (angels) of Heaven bring glory to God by their handiwork and service to the sons of men.  Without a doubt, it causes our hearts to be amazed at the goodness of God.  

Cindy and her family members in this story are faithful and solid Jesus lovers.  Their long term track record of walking with God gives testimony that they are not fickle, flippant or flighty.  But at this time in life, their hearts are awakening most delightfully to the ‘above the line’ realities.  Now more than ever, these new discoveries are gripping their hearts with how good God is and the largeness of Heaven’s resources toward us… angels just being one of those resources.

Check out one of Cindy’s first experiences with her angels.

I want my wallet back


“My daughter-in-law Lila, dropped her kids and friends off at the pool and then she ran to the store to grab a few things!  Not wanting to take in her purse, she grabbed her wallet out of the purse and took out only her credit card!  Her last memory of her wallet was of it being on her lap.  Later when she couldn't find her wallet, she assumed that she had jumped out of the car and that it had fallen to the ground in the store parking lot!  She texted us and asked us to commission our angels to help find it!”

“When this all first happened, Lila had decided she would trust the Lord completely and not lean on her own understanding!  She would hold off a day before calling the card companies etc.  She was able to stay in a place of peace all day!”

“This was my first time to ask my angels to go on assignment!  I hadn’t even officially met them yet!  I simply ask for their help in finding the wallet!  Lila’s sister Sonya, also asked for a word of knowledge!  What she got was a picture of a towel and the car.  This was immediately confirmed in Lila’s heart because the children had left all their towels in the car on the front passenger seat instead of taking them to the pool!  She had already taken the kids home when Sonya shared about the towel in the car. So she went to her friends’ house and asked if her kids had found her wallet with their things!  She has 6 children.  So when she finally asked the youngest, he said, “No,” but then looked in his backpack and there it was!  I guess he had stuffed his towel in his backpack!”

“Praise God!  And yes, “Thank you angels!”  Getting to know our angels has been so much fun for all of us.” - CM

32. Stories to Inspire

Learning to see in the Spirit requires activating another sensory apparatus.  For some that activation is easy and for others it’s very foreign.  

When we get started, we never know whether we’ll have the ‘duck to water’ experience… or the incremental progress which comes with just being persistent.  Sadly, it is easy to get discouraged if you find yourself in the second group.  

Here is Karen’s very brief description of her incremental progress into seeing and experiencing in the Spirit realm.  And even now, she is mostly engaged with intimate encounter with Jesus… and only occasionally has “noteworthy” experiences.  Maybe you can relate to Karen and find confidence in your incremental growth into seeing in the Heavenlies.

Getting started… Learning to see

When we were first introduced to going to the Heavenlies (ascending), I joined in the best I could.  But, I did not see or sense anything, except peace.  I went home hungry for more.  So, I looked up Justin Paul Abraham and found an activation on YouTube.  I recorded this 10-minute activation on my phone and every night when I took my bath I would play this activation.  I remember Justin saying you don’t need to see, say or feel anything, just be present to Father.  

So that is what I did.  I “bathed” in His presence every night.  I did not have any remarkable experiences but I knew that this practice was filling me with something I’ve not had before. 

I think it was a few months later, I was on a Zoom call when I first saw something.  Then, it was maybe another month or so when I had a healing encounter in Heaven where Jesus took me back to a traumatic experience in a hospital when I was 12 and changed everything!  

I began this whole ascended life journey started just over one year ago.  Now, I experience some noteworthy things occasionally, but most times in the last few months, I am sitting on a bench with Jesus or my face is in his hair (very intimate). - KD

31. 鼓舞人心的故事

我的朋友 Sully 是一位腳踏實地的創意人。他像任何人一樣愛上帝,但不完全是你的花園式千篇一律的教堂去者。
  他的作風有些特立獨行,非常勤奮。  但有一天晚上,在一次天堂般的集體經歷中,上帝讓他大吃一驚。 

  無需再往下看,就可以堅定地相信薩利遭遇的強大性質。  他淚流滿面,是一個比我所見過的更自由的人。  對於薩利來說,父親高度個性化的天堂相遇令人難忘,改變了人生。



  有人告訴我:“你會與耶穌、十二使徒和眾聖徒同在。”哇,太酷了,猶大會在嗎,爸爸?  他是使徒,對吧?”是的,他是兒子;但他被球隊裁掉了,我們與法利賽人交易了聖保羅”……你也會被一群目擊者包圍。”好吧,它們是像蓬鬆的雲彩還是更像暴風雨的雲彩?  “不,兒子,雲彩是所有比你先上天堂的人。”哦,那麼爺爺會在嗎? “是的,他會的”。  太好了,我想念他。  Teddy(我們的狗被車撞死)和Toots(因進食超出其殼容量而死亡的烏龜)呢?  沒有兒子,只有人會在天堂。  你看,孩子,動物不像我們那樣有永恆的靈魂。  哦……呃……好吧。  所以,這就是我對天堂的介紹。  哦,還有一件事,你必須死了才能去那裡。”

“快進大約 50 年,我的朋友馬克和另外 20 個人在我的穀倉裡問我們是否想‘精神旅行,去天堂’。我不再有孩子對天堂的看法,而是不幸的是,因為馬克告訴我們,孩子們的心靈旅行要容易得多,因為他們的頭腦不會妨礙他們的“黃金想像力”。

  這是我記得他說的最後一句話,我的思緒從成年人的泊位中滑落,我是上帝的孩子,在他綠色和金色的天堂中徘徊。  我發現自己(一個年輕得多的我,大概 13 歲左右)在一個明亮而美麗的陽光明媚的日子裡無憂無慮地徘徊在似乎是一望無際的綠色田野中。突然間,我最喜歡的狗 Jedidiah 突然出現在我身邊,我高興地從他的皮膚上跳了起來,不僅搖著他的尾巴;而是搖晃著整個身體。他的興奮全都消耗殆盡,當我跪下擁抱他時,他用濕漉漉的濕漉漉的臉舔他的主人,加深了他的感情。我們歡聚一堂,時間彷彿靜止;剩下的只有快樂,純粹的、毫不掩飾的快樂。”

“我應該告訴你,當絕地是我的狗時,我已經 50 多歲了,而不是一個男孩。此外,你應該知道絕地是一隻牧場犬,根本不喜歡去看獸醫;但是當他開始表演時無論如何,我們都行動遲緩。當我們的獸醫傳達毀滅性的消息時,我們傷心欲絕,我們年輕的“神奇男孩”患有無法手術的癌症。他體內長了一個腫瘤,我們能做的最好的事情就是讓他保持舒適,直到需要結束他的痛苦。

  好吧,那次天堂之旅真的讓我覺得劇本大跌。  現在我明白了他們談論的快樂;但我不得不說,這個 3 個字母的小詞嚴重不足以描述我的經歷。” 

“當馬可問有沒有人願意分享他們的經歷時,我很不情願,最後在聖靈的塗抹下,試圖解釋發生的事情。然而,我被這種在上帝無底深海中的再現所浸透JOY,那鹹水從我的眼睛裡湧出來!現在,如果那些眼淚有字母或文字,我相信他們會比我更好地告訴你這種程度的喜悅。我實在找不到合適的詞來形容它;我已經嘗試了 6 個月!我能得到的最接近的是“天堂般的喜悅”……我祈禱你和我在到達那里之前能擁有更多!” – SS

30. 鼓舞人心的故事

  “如果有人在基督裡,他就是一個新造的人” (kainos – 新物種)(林後 5:17)。 我們必須努力“獲得新的心意”(羅 12:2),並經歷“重生的洗,聖靈的更新”(提多書 3:5)。 




 當我運動時,它會立即上升到 180/100 以上,我會感到胸部有壓力。只是休息我會覺得它上升,我的頭會開始砰砰作響。 即使在休息時,它也一直在 150/90 以上。我會在半夜醒來,165/98。我一直覺得很累。”

“加上我 9 年前做過四聯心臟搭橋手術的歷史;我一直擔心我的動脈再次堵塞是可以理解的。


 是的,我醃培根。  Sylvia,我的另一個聖靈,多年來一直說我需要戒掉鹽。 當您聽到“射過船頭”的聲音時,您會做出驚人的反應。 那是五週前,我的靜息血壓恢復正常,但當我進行任何活動時,我仍然有胸壓和極高的血壓。 兩次上樓梯導致它尖刺,我的胸口收緊。”

“在馬克·亨德里克森 (Mark Hendrickson) 的一次會議上,我向他解釋了我的情況,並在會議期間要求禱告。
 後來有一段時間為那些需要醫治的人祈禱……所以有幾個人聚集在我身邊祈禱。 上帝的同在是美妙的。 我覺得發生了一些事情,但沒有真正的外在跡象。”

 我步行並最終開始慢跑並持續了 9 分鐘。 他們讓我的心率上升到 125,我的血壓從 125/76 緩慢上升到 135/80 到 175/88,然後當我休息時它立即下降到 135/65! 完全沒有胸壓!! 在那之後,他們在我的靜脈內放了染料,讓我再跑一分鐘。 核成像後,我被送回家。 下午 4 點,我接到了醫生護士的電話。 她說沒有問題,也不需要進一步的測試。 她說我患心髒病的風險很低。 自從那次祈禱之後,我的血壓讀數就沒有再升高過。”

 我一直服用 12.5 毫克卡維地洛治療心律失常問題。  VA 在我身上安裝了 24 小時心臟監護儀,在此期間我的心臟跳動了 6,000 多次。 我已經服用了 9 年。 我覺得主說停止服用它,所以這就是我所做的。 那是幾週前的事了,我的心沒有跳動。 我沒有因突然停藥而產生任何副作用。 根據詩篇 103:5,我覺得我的青春正在更新,“誰用美物滿足你的口,使你的青春像鷹一樣更新。” 多年來,我每周至少引用一次這首詩篇。 並認為這是在舊約之下。 新約承諾什麼?” – EA

 所有的血壓和心律失常問題仍然是正常的。 但我發現了另一個祝福……自從我停止服藥後,我的短期記憶得到了顯著改善。 我開始注意到明顯的改善……甚至我的妻子和朋友也注意到了。 哇!!! 感謝上帝!!!”

“我的靈魂,讚美主,不要忘記他所有的好處!!!” – 詩篇 103:2

29. 鼓舞人心的故事

這個故事可能與其他一些偉大的部委沒有太大不同,例如; Sozo、Theophostic、治療祈禱或伊曼紐爾祈禱......所有這些都是我們過去解決問題的方法。 但在大多數這些實踐中,需要一位“教練”來協助您踏上我們的療愈之旅。

以賽亞書 2:3 說他(他自己)會教導我們他的方式,我們將學習走在他的道路上,就像我們學習登上耶和華的山一樣。  你抓到了嗎? 我們必須提升……那是他的領地。 感謝上帝與我們並肩幫助我們取得突破的人。 我們非常感謝! 但是,如果我們由耶穌親自帶領會怎樣? 

我相信這只是學習提升到天堂的眾多好處之一。 這只是初學者!!!  

聽聽凱倫最近的故事,講述耶穌如何親切地照顧她,他親自護送她回到一個對一個 12 歲的年輕女孩來說非常痛苦的地方。 他從她的記憶中提取出那種痛苦。 它再次提醒我們,他想要並且非常有能力恢復我們生活中的一切。   




“最近我被邀請進入天堂的‘門’(約翰福音 10:9)。 這是我的經驗。”


“耶穌來對我說,‘讓我愛你,’並招呼我跟從他。 他把我帶到了過去我從脊柱融合手術中恢復過來的場景。 我在內布拉斯加州一家兒童醫院的一間非常悶熱的房間裡。 我媽媽和我在房間裡。”

“當耶穌走進房間時,房間裡突然充滿了美麗的花朵和可愛的香味。 他示意我(成年凱倫)和年輕的凱倫一起爬到床上抱她。”

“他一次又一次地把我帶回了我住了三個月的那家醫院的許多回憶。 在那家醫院裡,我和其他人都有很多黑暗的回憶。  12 歲時,我沒有家人在離家 400 英里的那家醫院——除了他們的幾次探訪。 我們走過的每一個記憶,他都變成了一個有趣的聚會。 每天和其他30名12-18歲的女孩一起成為病房裡的大派對。 有些日子我們畫腳趾,有些日子我們畫指甲。 我們有天使以慈愛和善良的方式陪伴著我們。 現場洋溢著歡樂的氣氛。 耶穌改寫了這個故事……不僅為我,也為那個病房裡的每個女孩。”

“因為這次相遇,我內心真正發生了喜悅的轉變。 我喜歡耶穌如何帶走回憶和經歷,並儘他所能救贖它們。 結果,這些記憶不再讓我成為受害者!! 現在,當我回憶起童年的這個季節時,我感到一種喜悅而不是恐懼。” – KD

28. 鼓舞人心的故事

你有沒有後悔過去,你希望你能回去做對? 當然……我們大多數人都有。 如果有辦法做到這一點呢?

1. 回到過去是否符合聖經?  我們能對像 TIME 這樣普遍存在的事物產生任何影響嗎?

保羅告誡我們要“贖回時間”。 我們大多數人可能認為這意味著更努力或更勤奮地工作。 我想這對初學者有好處,但我相信這節經文有更多的解釋空間。 以下是我們聖經中對時間變化的一些參考。

“那麼,要注意你的走路方式,不是不聰明而是聰明,挽救時間,因為日子不好過。” – 弗 5:15-16

“另一個王將興起……他將要改變時代和法律……” ——但 7:25

Sun 為 Hezekiah 後退十步 – II Kngs 20:9-11

“於是日頭停住,月亮停住,直等百姓向仇敵報仇。 這不是寫在賈舍爾書中嗎?所以太陽在天上靜止不動,一整天都沒有急速下落。” – 約什 10:13

2. 那麼我怎樣才能及時改變事情呢? 我怎樣才能改變似乎埋葬在我過去的事情?  





“幾年前,我讀了南希·拉文希爾的故事,對她在孩提時代受虐待時祈求耶穌幫助的方式印象深刻。 她的故事讓我想起了小時候發生在我身上的一件事。 我希望那時我可以向耶穌尋求幫助,但當時我不知道這樣做。 相反,我的經歷給我的生活帶來了恐懼。”

“在閱讀 Nancy 的書幾個月後,我聽到 Patricia King 在一次會議上發言。 她說耶穌作為我們的救贖主,“贖回並重建”。 她說:“如果你有悔恨的地方,就和耶穌一起回到記憶中。 悔改,接受寬恕。 然後做出正確的選擇。 然後他可以修復和挽回局面。”


“50 多年前發生的事情是,我在衣櫥裡‘看到’了一個男人,一個穿著西裝的老人。 我害怕他,害怕起床。 我媽媽來了,打開壁櫥,告訴我沒有人在那裡。 但這種恐懼貫穿了我的童年和成年。 這麼多年回首這件事,我總能在壁櫥裡看到那個人。”

“我在想像中回到過去,打算做出比我小時候做出的更好的選擇。 我告訴耶穌我很抱歉當時我沒有尋求他的幫助。 我請求他幫助我並照顧我衣櫥裡的那個人。 就這麼簡單。 下一部分不是我想像的產物。 我看到耶穌憤怒地把那個人踢出家門。 一去不復返了! 我知道耶穌對發生在我身上的事並不高興,這也是醫治。 從那時到現在,我只看到一個空的壁櫥。” - D B

27. 鼓舞人心的故事

 我們自豪地向我們的孩子介紹我們長大的地方以及我們生活中的重要人物。 我們希望這樣做將有助於形成一個範式,讓他們很好地成熟。

我們的天父也不例外。 耶穌說:“天父很高興將王國賜給我們。” –(路加福音 12:32)

那麼我們如何熟悉天父的世界呢? 好吧,耶穌說除非我們變得像個小孩子,否則我們甚至無法進入天國。 我認為變得像個小孩子的一部分包括學習如何簡單地認識到我們父親的領導。 如果我們能夠學習父親的聲音並做出回應,那麼我們就可以放心,我們可以安全地探索新的領域。

有時,我採用一種簡單的激活方式,通常會產生一些非常令人震驚的體驗——有時是溫柔的淚流滿面和強烈的個人……有時是熱鬧的,伴隨著大量的笑聲。 上帝的方式比我們想像的更加個性化和有趣。 這只是一種激活,可以讓我們進入對天父世界的奇妙發現過程。



在 The Well——我姐姐和姐夫在納什維爾地區的教堂——我們發起了一項活動,以熟悉我們的天使。 我們請聖靈將一些東西放在我們的左手上……然後用右手記下想到的第一個名字。 這將是發現我們的一個天使的功能和身份的孩子般的“第一步”。

我姐姐Leann,感覺左手放了一顆玻璃心,然後玻璃心變成了一顆真正跳動的心。 她腦海中浮現的第一個名字是“神聖”。 這兩件事的一個可能應用是,Leann 可能有一位天使,將天父的聖心帶給她並顯露給她,並幫助她將祂的心供應給他人。  

兩天后,黛比和我給了莉安和卡爾他們的聖誕禮物。 我給 Leann 的禮物是我從 KC 帶來的一個透明的 2 英寸玻璃天使(見圖)。 她驚訝道:“你知道這是什麼嗎!?” 老實說,我不知道其中的意義! 她指出天使手裡拿著一顆玻璃心,讓我想起了兩天前發生的事情,以及她的聖心天使經歷。 然後我想起來了。 我們都對上帝帶領我們進入他的世界時如此善良和如此個人感到驚訝。 他太好玩了!!! - MLH

26. 鼓舞人心的故事

  “2020年你做了什麼?”  你會喜歡我的朋友們在 2020 年所做的一切。

我們都經歷了 2020 年的艱辛,但在 3 月份,我的一位好朋友和他的妻子不得不前往另一個國家以獲得續簽。
 過去幾年,他們的家一直在外國,在那裡他們擔任傳教士牧師。 但是在他們離開祖國的那天左右,Covid 限制關閉了一切。 他們無法重新越過邊界回家。 現在他們被困在一個沒有朋友的國家……只有偶爾的接觸。

但很酷的是,在被困了近一年之後,他們現在有一大堆神的故事……包括住房、財務、人脈、事工等。 人類對被困在外國的任何正常反應都可能是壓倒性的氣餒,並可能因抱怨和抱怨而“毒害”我們的未來。 但是按照他們的規範,他們一直積極地聆聽和回應上帝……即使是在這片陌生的土地上……儘管有新冠肺炎。








“2019 年冬天,我剛讀完克里斯·瓦洛頓 (Kris Vallotton) 的書《貧窮、財富和財富》。我真的受到這本書的啟發,尤其是耶穌關於十個彌那的比喻(路加福音 19:11-27)。我開始感受到聖靈的“推動”和溫和鼓勵,開始考慮投資。不過,也有一種要等到春天再投資的強烈感覺。我做了功課,研究了我想投資的公司,學會瞭如何投資並準備好了。”

“但我一直覺得我要等到春天。我想,“這一定只是阻止我投資的恐懼。”但這種感覺不會消失。所以我等待。好吧,如您所知,Covid 在 2020 年 3 月初席捲全球,並摧毀了股市。它下降了很大的時間!我知道這將是一個千載難逢的機會,因為我有信心相信股市會捲土重來。於是,我開始投資。”


“我最初的目標是在今年的投資中獲得 10% 的收益。我知道銀行會給我不到 3%,我有足夠的信心我可以做得更好。股市有起有落,但最終在整個 2020 年復蘇。我有一些失望,也有一些勝利。我學到了很多教訓,承擔了虔誠計算的風險,並且大大超過了我的年度目標。就像我說的,我的目標是賺 10%。好吧,我最終賺到了幾乎 100% ……或者接近翻倍我的投資。我把我的‘十分鐘’變成了另一個‘十分鐘’。”


“和爸爸一起在新的舞台上取得成功真是太酷了。我對投資當前市場有點謹慎。但是,如果我再次感受到那種小小的‘推動’,我會謹慎而虔誠地繼續投資。” – DV

25. 鼓舞人心的故事

這是一個 短視頻 那可能會融化你的心。

2018 年 4 月 2 日——將近 3 年前,我們當時 14 個月大的孫子 Asher 突然患上了急性弛緩性脊髓炎——一種脊髓炎症和腫脹。 他剛睡了兩個小時,就一反常態地哭醒了……沒有任何明顯的原因。 經過一些樸素的測試後,約翰帶他去了急診室。 那一夜是漫長的一夜。  

第二天早上,謝麗爾和我加入了約翰和亞瑟。 經過深入的研究和廣泛的測試,博士們知道出了什麼問題,他們只是不知道為什麼......他們給我們的預測非常絕望。

儘管知道這是一個嚴重的問題,但我們立即提醒我們的內心和思想,我們的家庭如何在主的恩惠中生活……他的無數奇蹟證明了他的良善。 我們決心不讓自己的心陷入混亂、沮喪或絕望的黑暗漩渦。 如果我們一生中的每一次審判都以驚人的獎杯見證告終,那為什麼這次審判會有所不同!?! 真的!!! 這是真正的東西! 如果我們在基督裡,我們必須開始相信他對我們的心,並將我們的情感錨定在這個絕對正確的真理中。

約翰和亞捨一起在醫院住了 19 天。 謝麗爾來回旅行並照顧其他兄弟姐妹。 在大約 19 天時,Asher 移動了一根手指 1/4 英寸。 好極了!!!! 我們的信心已經不可動搖,但那 1/4 英寸的小動作是“錦上添花”。 他們把他從醫院裡開除,說這是他們能為他做的一切。 但這並不是故事的結局——謝謝你,上帝!!!!


世界各地的許多人都為我們的小傢伙祈禱。 這個溫柔而天真的蹣跚學步的孩子已經進入了無數有愛心的人的心中。 幾乎無論我們走到哪裡,都會有人問他過得怎麼樣。 所以這 短視頻 是過去 3 年的概述,講述好消息並榮耀我們令人敬畏的上帝。  

此時,阿舍爾已經恢復了手臂、手和手指的大部分運動功能和肌肉技能。 他的神經顯然已經建立了傳遞衝動的新途徑,他的肌肉也在穩步重建。 毫無疑問,他將在一年左右的時間內擁有與任何其他男孩一樣多的正常功能。 即使是現在,陌生人也可能很難注意到亞瑟曾經有過問題。

我們的心非常感謝我們的天父,他一直照顧我們。 他幫助我們將另一個測試……變成了一個測試! 大約 3 年前,當事情看起來如此糟糕時,我們所知道的關於上帝是真實的,這讓我們直接進入了另一個充滿力量激勵他人的獎杯上帝故事中。 他就是那麼好!

外賣:我們的上帝比我們想像的要好得多!! - MLH

 這裡 5:30 分鐘的視頻故事

24. 鼓舞人心的故事


我很高興地相信,上帝已經打開了一扇偉大的啟示“門”,幫助我們進入我們在“天堂”中合法和符合聖經的地方……不僅僅是作為一種神學,而且作為一種體驗現實。 可以說很多都證實了聖經中的真理……但我建議你閱讀我過去的一些博客文章,  這裡。

一個新的解放水平正在發生。 我們正在從僅僅是“地球堅固的人”……地球人中解脫出來。 我們更大的實相是我們天上的形象、天上的位置、天上的公民等等。 看一下這個! 太棒了!  

“看看你們自己與基督一同長大! 現在用說服力思考你與他共存的後果。 在心理上重新定位自己! 將您的思想與寶座室的現實聯繫起來,在那裡您與基督共同坐在上帝右手的執行權中。” – Col 3:1 Mirror Bible Translation

我的信心是,當我們學習在他和天堂裡“生活、行動和擁有我們的存在”時,我們會發現我們的 1) 精神人得到承認和解放……我們的 2) 靈魂人受到啟發和授權……以及我們的 3) 身體體驗我們從未想像過的超自然事物……更不用說,4)作為上帝的男人和女人更有效。  

通向更有效的途徑之一就是祈禱。 當我們在天堂找到自己的位置時,我們不會將自己裝扮成或認為自己是軟弱的原告人,而是公義和備受寵愛的兒子,他們實際上與上帝合作共同統治。 想一想:不是向上帝祈禱……而是向上帝祈禱。  

有時間試試看……就像我的好朋友那樣。 我會在接下來的故事中讓他匿名。



最近,我接到了一位非常要好的老朋友的電話。 他聽說過我們揚升生命社區經歷的一些故事。  

幾年前,他的一個成年兒子與家人和朋友分開了。 內部鬥爭導致他吸毒成癮,無家可歸,並在他的車裡流落街頭。 沒有電話、沒有地址和漂泊的生活方式使聯繫變得不可能。 因此,我的朋友最後一次能夠與他的兒子交談是在將近 2.5 年前。  

幾天前,我朋友的心特別被他對兒子的同情和細心所打動。 在禱告中,他說:“我要做馬可做的事,他帶著聖靈去他所祈求的地方……然後他在那個地方祈禱。” 因此,在祈禱中,我的朋友激活了他的思想和心靈,讓聖靈與他的兒子一起去。 在這種模式下打了一段時間,他睡著了……後來又醒了,沒有任何異常。

但是,幾天后他接到了一個電話,接線員問他是否願意接受兒子的對方付費電話。 當然,他說:“是的。” 我的朋友,他的妻子和他們的兒子進行了親切的交談。 從他的聲音中聽到他比上次與他交談時做得更好,他們的心都鬆了一口氣。

多年來,我一直和我的朋友一起關注這個故事,並為這個故事祈禱。 所以,當他打電話告訴我他的最新故事時,我的眼淚很快就流了下來。 我父親的心與他的父親心相連,我們都為他們至少交談過而感到高興……但我們仍然感受到他兒子的分離和破碎的痛苦。 您的祈禱受到讚賞。  


23. 鼓舞人心的故事

上帝正在開闢新的領域讓我們居住。 這些領土一直可用,並且一直在我們的聖經中,但我們沒有得到啟示來理解我們正在閱讀的內容。

我喜歡申命記 29:29,它說當上帝向我們啟示某些東西時,它屬於我們和我們的孩子。 它是我們的! 我們擁有它並可以“走進去”。


說到接受啟示,想想啟示者約翰。 他只是“在主日在聖靈裡”閒逛。 (啟示錄 1:10)

附加問題:哪一天是主日? 是星期天……還是星期六……還是? 但是,一周中的哪一天不是主日? 如果約翰真的“趕上”到主的大日子(在未來)呢? 這會改變什麼嗎? 只是想想……

無論如何,約翰處於狂喜的狀態……他已經“在聖靈裡”,而在這種狀態下,聖靈邀請他上來,甚至更高(啟4:1)。 有沒有想過“在靈裡”有多少個層次?

毋庸置疑,“在聖靈裡”是約翰獲得“啟示”的沃土。 我相信可以肯定地說,當我們被聖靈“吸引”時,我們最好的啟示就會發生。

因此,如果上帝對我們繼承的夢想是讓我們在“今生”(Rms 5:17)時與他共同統治這些天上的領土,那麼我們將不得不熟悉什麼是'超出線'……在精神領域。 所以,我們走吧!





“使用約翰福音 10:9,我穿過耶穌,我們的門。 然後給了我一條加重的毯子,上面充滿了愛和治愈。 它塞滿了生長在以西結河兩岸的樹木上的治愈葉子(結47:12)。 然後他指出很多很多人會收到這些毯子。 他為每個人(或夫婦)給了我具體的指導,告訴我我如何將毯子裹在他們身上。 太甜了,當我們完成時,我睡著了。”

“我覺得我們得到了很多許可,可以使用我們聖靈‘金色’的想像力去看到我們以前在天堂從未見過的事物,並與耶穌一起服事他人。” – KD

22. 鼓舞人心的故事


“我是門;人若從我進來,就必得救,並且出入得草吃。” – 約翰福音 10:9

我知道,我們通常將這節經文用作“救贖經文”——“為了得救,你必須通過耶穌。” 但是,如果救恩是這節經文的唯一應用,那麼我們如何處理最後一句話——“進進出出,尋得草場?” 當然,我們並不是在暗示得救、未得救和再得救,對嗎? 相反,我相信耶穌只是給了我們一個藍圖經文,告訴我們如何“在天堂之上”生活。

你看,我們有關於天堂的偉大神學……但我們在天堂的個人經驗很少。 我們熟記這些熟悉的經文。

“……又叫我們與祂一同復活,在基督耶穌裡與祂一同坐在天上……” ——弗 2:6

“所以,你們既與基督一同復活,就當尋求那些在天上,基督坐在神右邊的事。 要思念天上的事,不要思念地上的事。 因為你死了,你的生命現在與基督一同藏在神裡面……”——西 3:1-3

當我們跟隨耶穌的邀請使用他作為門時,我們豐富產業的邊界就會以指數方式向我們敞開。 是的,我們可以體驗的不僅僅是地球上的體驗! 我們是天堂的公民,我們存在的大部分,目前已經在那裡。 耶穌邀請我們進入天堂,探索它,熟悉它並開始擁有我們的產業。 所以,近兩年來,我一直在幫助數百人“進入耶穌”……從而進入天堂。 非常個人和強大的心靈遭遇故事幾乎每次都讓我的心融化。 


在我們進入天堂之後,在精神中旅行只是我們可以使用的眾多領域之一。 這是一個有趣的。 我們不是在談論某種星體投射或任何新時代。 我們談論的是聖經中的那種……保羅、菲利普、耶穌、以利亞、約翰等人所經歷的那種。 顯然,我們要求自己在這些事情上只跟隨聖靈的帶領。


“除了我,沒有人可以到父那裡去。” – 約翰福音 14:6

“我實實在在地告訴你們,誰不從門進入羊圈,而是從別處爬上去,他就是賊和強盜。” – 約翰福音 10:1

帶著那牢牢地刻在我們的頭腦和心中,讓我們滿懷信心,進入我們“應許之地”的另一部分。 知道了! 



精神旅行 500 英里為我的好友保羅祈禱

設置:一段時間以來,我一直在閱讀、祈禱和練習在聖靈中旅行。 顯然,這是在聖經中。 我已經有過幾次經歷。

在提示下,我給威斯康星州的朋友 Paul & Donna 發了電子郵件,看看他們過得怎麼樣。 她回短信告訴我保羅的健康狀況。 我不知道的是,他受感染的置換心臟瓣膜導致了他體內嚴重的敗血症。 他服用了 4 種強力抗生素,體重減輕了 50 磅,並接受了 6 週的隔離醫療。 她最後說:“謝謝你的祈禱。保羅今天非常沮喪。或許你可以去51房間看他。”

我想,“嗯,她可能認為我在威斯康星州。” 所以我說,“我希望我能。 我在堪薩斯城。 請給他我的愛和關懷!!!” 她回答說:“哈哈,我的意思是在靈裡。” 很難相信我沒有“接受”這一點,我回答說:“我應該抓住那個!!!! 對不起,我現在就做!!!” 我的感覺是,這是聖靈促使我進入我的新領域的方式。

我立即走到我的臥室,靜下心來,激活我金色(聖靈啟發)的想像力並“起飛”。 幾秒鐘之內,我“飛”了 500 英里到威斯康星州,來到醫療機構,在前門,沿著走廊,進入 51 號房間,把手放在保羅的心臟上,對他做了一些聲明。 所有這一切都來自我自己的啟蒙和激活,進入我覺得聖靈提示我去做的位置。

但接下來發生的事情不是我發起的! 一道明亮的白光淹沒了保羅的房間。 那是非常白的“實心”光……太“厚”了,你根本看不透。 這就像站在一大桶白牛奶中。 從字面上看,雞皮疙瘩順著我的胳膊滑下來。 但後來我想知道我應該用光做什麼。 但在我完全思考這個問題之前,我知道該怎麼做……我應該把所有的光通過我的手臂和手傳遞到他的身體裡。 可還沒等我想到那個念頭,它就發生了! 然後我感到又一陣雞皮疙瘩順著我的胳膊傳來。

  (哦,我是有信仰的人 😁) 因此,我對 Paul 發表了更多聲明,並“退出”了這次經歷。 然後我給唐娜發短信,告訴她我已經拜訪過保羅並為保羅禱告。

幾天后,我給唐娜發短信詢問保羅的事。 她回答說:“你為他禱告後,他有了突破,決定一天一天,不為未來擔憂。 從那以後,他在情感上的表現要好得多。 謝謝。”

幾週後,保羅回到了家。 我發短信問他是否願意通過電話交談……很快他就告訴我他的故事。 我問他是否可以告訴他我的故事。 所以我告訴他我剛剛告訴你的。

他反應遲鈍,說:“這真是觸動了我的心。 最難的不是肉體上的磨難,而是從看病開始就听不到神的聲音。 你知道我是多麼喜歡聽到他的聲音……我什至教導如何聽到他的聲音。 但是唐娜說你打過電話……第二天我又開始聽到了。 我現在回到家,停止一切藥物治療,恢復體力。”

大約一個月後,我再次打電話給保羅。 他的體力還在恢復,並且在不斷地好轉。 正如您可能想像的那樣,每次我們連接時,我們的對話都會變得更加天籟。

感謝我們奇妙的上帝創造了幾種不同的奇蹟。 - MLH

 那是 1 1/2 年前。 保羅和我每週聯繫,他很強壯

21. 鼓舞人心的故事


最近,我在加州雷丁的朋友布賴恩 (Brian) 告訴我幾年前發生在他身上的故事。在他們的家庭中,他們在聖靈中旅行並釋放了被俘虜的受迫害基督徒……但幾天后卻在美國新聞中看到了這方面的證據。當我們在與上帝共同統治和共同立法方面成熟時,這就是我們期望看到的那種結果。







“在這次不尋常的 30-40 分鐘相遇之後,我們打開了一張地圖,感覺就像被送進了緬甸的監獄。我們選擇緬甸的原因是我們小組中的一個女孩最近去過那裡,正如我描述我所看到的那樣,她感覺到並看出我在緬甸監獄裡。一切都是那麼隨機和自發,以至於人們可以很容易地將整個場景視為虛構、虛假甚至幼稚。”

“但是,令我們驚訝的是,幾天后,主要的網絡新聞宣布希拉里·克林頓剛剛從緬甸回來,在那裡她正在談判釋放‘政治犯’。在緬甸,“政治犯”一詞也可以包括基督徒。你可以在國務院條約室在線查看希拉里 2012 年 1 月 13 日的聲明。” – BN

摘自 Brian Nickens 的書,題為:“飢餓驅動——克服對超自然基督教的恐懼和懷疑”。經許可使用。

20. 鼓舞人心的故事

有時,生活真的突然爆發。 它想奪走我們的喜樂、平安和生命。 那時我們必須做出決定;生活是否會統治我們……或者我們是否會統治生活。 這要求我們訓練自己的心,讓我們的心錨定在上帝的良善和愛中。 這是我們可以做的……而且必須做的……為了不被剝奪在生活中的繁榮。  

但是,有時上帝會突破並註入一種信心,使環境的壓力和壓力黯然失色。 這就是最近發生在我們儿子約翰和愛女謝麗爾身上的事情。 當生活粗暴地侵犯了他們神聖不可侵犯的家庭和家庭時,他們選擇保持信仰……但後來上帝“超越”了一場相遇,其效果將值得慶幸地賦予他們很長一段時間的力量。  

上帝就是這麼好,你知道! 他是最好的!



“八聲槍響在寂靜的夜色中接連響起……都瞄準了我們家。 他們是從一輛深色 Tahoe/Type SUV 上拍攝的,它緩慢地穿過我們通常非常安靜的社區。 到第三槍時,我大喊:“下來! 是槍聲!” 幾乎是出於保護的本能,謝麗爾掉到客廳的地板上,躺在我們熟睡的 4 歲侄子身上。 但是,即使其中一顆子彈穿過了我們的前金屬門和瓷磚浴缸牆,也沒有一顆子彈對房子造成嚴重損壞,更重要的是,房子裡的 2 名成人和 5 名兒童都沒有受傷。 碰巧,一位鄰居實際上目睹了整個場景。 幾秒鐘之內,許多鄰居撥打了 911,導致接聽服務出現了一段時間的擁堵。 我們迅速檢查了我們的安全攝像頭,並能夠緩和許多考驗的細節。 警察接到電話後不久就趕到了,在該地區貼上犯罪現場錄像帶,並儘最大努力拼湊剛剛發生的事情,並收集有關誰會這樣做以及為什麼會發生的線索。 有幾種理論在旋轉,但沒有什麼可靠的……還沒有!”

“現在好消息是:八發子彈中有五發在擊中我們的房子之前擊中了混凝土車道和/或混凝土台階……從而使它們減速並重新定向(其中一個實際上是從我們家彈射出來,可悲的是,進入了我們鄰居的房子)。 我們在房子裡發現了兩個子彈,在街上發現了 4 到 5 個彈殼,這足以知道武器是一把 45 口徑的手槍。 我們希望外殼可以產生更多的情報。”

“老實說,恐懼正在我們的心靈之門上大聲敲擊。 它想要定居,並且會很高興地恐嚇我們,因為誰知道未來多久。 但我們決心不讓恐懼將我們帶入黑暗的漩渦。 恐懼想通過在你的腦海中描繪出最糟糕的場景來囚禁你,例如:它所需要的只是手槍槍口的輕微轉動,而這些射擊的軌跡可能會永遠改變我們的生活——字面意思。 但我們決心保持信仰……信仰來自於知道我們的上帝比邪惡的上帝大得多……他保護我們免受致命傷害或傷亡……甚至對房子的任何重大破壞。 上帝饒了我們的命!”

“即便如此,我們還是半認真地問了一個問題,回到過去,回到精神領域,改變肇事者周圍的事件是什麼感覺? 這可能嗎,那會是什麼樣子?”

“好吧,第二天 Cheryl 發現自己很感激地接受了專業的足部按摩。”

Cheryl:“我沒有任何心理啟迪,當輕柔的音樂響起時,聖靈將我帶回了拍攝的時間……直到現在,我才站在SUV的乘客門外,看著它的內部。 這段經歷非常真實。 我看著司機伸手拿起他的槍。 我看著他瞄准我們家並扣動扳機。 我以慢動作跟隨第一發子彈向我們的家射去,而其他子彈在我的余光中飛到我身邊。 但是,就在第一顆子彈接觸到時,我意識到牆壁完全是“白色”,我發現自己縮小以確認我所看到的。 一開始很困惑……但是當我從房子裡縮小時,我看到白色實際上是我們整個房子的白色圓頂。 我所看到的仍然是個謎,直到我意識到白色圓頂實際上是強大的天使的背影,他們圍繞著我們的房子並肩並肩地蜷縮著,俯身俯身在我們的房子上。 隨著場景的發展,巨大的天使開始抬頭,站直,轉身面向我,雙臂交叉在胸前……彷彿在說他們已經忠實地完成了保護房子裡的人的工作。”

“這個場景對我來說影響非常大,而且完全無法抗拒。 在按摩椅上,我能做的就是抑制喜悅、驚奇和感激的抽泣。 幸運的是,我的臉上有一條毛巾蓋住了我的眼淚。 我敢肯定,如果按摩師知道我的真實經歷,他會感到困惑。 我花了一些時間來處理我剛剛目睹的一切……以及前一天晚上它的真正含義對我們全家來說是多麼淒美。 強大的天使確實拯救了我們的生命。 主讓我從他的有利位置看到,這比任何數量的諮詢都更能消除恐懼。 我現在比我生命中的任何其他時候都更加無所畏懼。 感謝上帝!!”

“當我們開始處理 Cheryl 經歷的不同元素時,我們記得兩年半前,我們的兒子 Eli 在我們的後院看到了一個天使,“和房子一樣高!” 記住這一點,更加堅定了我們的信心!”

“我們與死胡同中的每個人都保持著良好的關係……這場磨難讓我們立即輕鬆地為每個人提供了新的情感和精神途徑。 我們可以告訴他們上帝如何為我們而戰,以保護所有與我們有關的事物以及他對我們生活的旨意……並且儘管情況需要,我們一點也不害怕。 大多數人都明白……有點……因為他們已經聽過我們之前關於我們的好神的談話。”

“那麼,有沒有可能回到過去? 是的!!! 上帝可以以一種比物質領域更真實的方式來做到這一點。 還有另一個維度……一個天堂維度,在我們周圍工作。 只是讓我們比以往任何時候都更想熟悉靈界! 上帝真是一位偉大的上帝!”

“在事件發生前幾週,我們 發布了一個視頻剪輯 我們的兒子亞舍,宣告上帝的大能。 事後看來,這個片段感覺很有預言性。” – JH & CH



一千倒在你身邊,一萬倒在你右手;但它不會靠近你。 唯有親眼觀看,才能看到惡人的報應。

因為你使我的避難所耶和華、至高者為你的居所,災禍必不臨到你,災殃也必不臨你的居所;因為他要派他的使者管理你,在你所行的一切道路上保護你。 他們會用他們的手把你扶起來,免得你的腳碰在石頭上。 – 詩篇 91:4-12

19. 鼓舞人心的故事

 而聖靈更大。 他是一位偉大的領袖:“然而,當他,真理的聖靈來了,他會引導你進入一切的真理”(約翰福音 16:13)。 這使得令人振奮的遠景向四面八方擴展。 

 我們的信仰體系過去常常將我們的效率限制在我們在肉體中可以做的事情上。 但是當我們從這個身體的限制中解放出來進入聖靈領域的廣闊空間時會發生什麼!? 當我們不受自然物理定律的束縛,發現自己能夠隨聖靈而行,無論他走到哪裡,都會發生什麼? 我告訴你會發生什麼! 基督徒的生命只是在“生命和生命更豐盛”上有了質的飛躍! 耶穌,謝謝你的報價!

布賴恩·尼克斯 (Brian Nickens) 發現自己接受了聖靈的任務,他與一位天使合作,為他的整個團隊與上帝的相遇奠定了基礎。
 非常酷! 主啊!


 我睡著了,但真的“掉”到了精神領域。 我發現自己在教堂樓上的房間裡,第二天晚上我要在那裡教聖經課。”

“我知道房間裡有烏雲或陰霾。 角落裡的天使指示我去除陰霾。 我們都在地板上盤旋。 天使進一步指示我使用手部動作將陰霾(恐懼、懷疑和羞恥等)“掃”進房間的中央。 霧霾響應了我的‘掃地’動作,並以球的形式聚集在房間中央。”

“然後天使讓我把房間裡的陰霾球移走。 它現在就像一個氣球,漂浮在離地面大約 3 英尺的地方。 當天使“站在”我身後時,我把球推到大廳裡,順著樓梯走下去,通過了安檢。 當我打開前門並將它推出教堂大樓的入口時,它被吸入了大氣中。 然後天使說要回到樓上的房間,在房間裡釋放喜樂、和平、愛和上帝的大能。 所以回到房間,我開始快樂地旋轉,按照我的指示釋放。”


“第二天晚上,當一位來自牙買加的第一次訪客走進聖經書房時……她舉起拳頭高喊:‘榮耀!上帝的同在在房間裡!” 隨著越來越多的人到來,他們似乎自動地進入了與上帝不尋常的相遇。 在接下來的 30-40 分鐘裡,人們被神的能力所征服,並以各種表現形式瘋狂。 這持續了大約 40 分鐘。 大樓里傳出“上帝就在房間裡”的消息,大樓裡的其他人,包括保安,都來參加這次體驗。”

“當不尋常的遭遇終於平息後,我向房間裡的人講述了前一天晚上發生在我身上的事情。 在聖靈的帶領和天使的幫助下,我打掃了房間,釋放了強大的上帝臨在,帶領我們所有人進入了一個我們不會輕易忘記的天堂體驗。” – BN

18. 鼓舞人心的故事


我最近一直在聽和讀很多新鮮的東西,當我們學習生活在“天上的地方”(弗 2:6)時,想到我們可用的無限可能性幾乎是壓倒性的。
 我覺得我必須“裝備”才能“追趕”。 真是太有趣了!

如您所知,我們一直在探索的領域之一是利用我們令人敬畏的父親為我們提供的所有天堂資源的想法。 天使、聖人……以及其他我們現在不會涉及的實體。 我的意思是,如果希伯來書第 12 章說,“我們已經來到這座山上”,那裡滿是各種天上的天軍,那麼我相信我們可以而且應該接觸到這些天軍,這是很自然的,這是我們成長的豐富資產。在基督裡的新創造身份。 哦男孩! 那感覺就像是硝基的提升!  😊

 一位很要好的朋友有一次很感人的邂逅,對她的觸動很深,也解答了她內心的一個苦惱。 我想當你聽到她的故事時,你會受到鼓舞。

 來 11:39-40,來 12:1; 22-23,路加福音 9:30-31;使徒行傳 1:10-11;創世紀 18:2 等 


 我聽到馬克談到我們所有人都與天父和耶穌一起在寶座室。 那一刻,當我們聚集在一起,在天父和耶穌的同在中體驗這種享受時,我感受到了我們所有人之間的友誼和團契的溫暖感覺!”

“有一次,我‘碰巧’從我們小組的一些人中間和他們之後進入王座室,看到了我多年前去世的姑姑和叔叔。 她揮舞著揮手,笑容最燦爛。 當他們看到我在看時,他們開始跳舞! 就好像他們用各種讓你發笑的舞蹈為我唱小夜曲……有一次,他們像我們有時在崇拜中一樣進行了舞蹈訓練。 我依稀知道還有另外兩個叔叔或家人加入了他們。 之後,阿姨突然就在我身邊——愛我。 雖然我們之間沒有言語,但當她看著我的眼睛時,精神上的交流讓我感到鼓舞和鼓舞。”

“在他們的塵世生活中,我的阿姨和我的三個叔叔被限制在輪椅上,因為他們患有肌肉萎縮症(一種無法治癒的退行性疾病)。 多年來,我一直對他們進行個人護理。”

“這次遭遇非常特別,因為我最近一直在與一段非常嚴重的抑鬱症作鬥爭。 我無法像以前那樣聽到或感覺到上帝,坦率地說,這讓我感到害怕。 這段經歷對我來說特別珍貴,因為上帝溫柔的同在……以及我高度的靈性意識……以及天堂強大的現實……都變得如此真實。 謝謝你,上帝,以你非常個人化的方式觸摸和治愈我的心!” - 電磁

聚苯乙烯 如果您對生活在天堂的新創造主題感興趣,這裡有一些您可能會喜歡的視頻。

'Uninterrupted Union' - Liz Wright 和 JPA 之間的採訪(26 分鐘)


'Wisdom & the Realm of Light' - JPA 播客(45 分鐘)

17. 鼓舞人心的故事

上帝對人類“統治”的使命從未改變……即使在墮落之後。 創世記 1:26;


為此,我們有許多工具可供使用。 耶穌在馬太福音 10:13 中提到其中之一;


我們實際上有能力“離開我們的和平”,或者實際上,我們正在將我們的和平擴展到他們身上。 這是一個有趣的概念。 想想彼得的影子治愈人們。 顯然,即使我們不知道,我們也有能力將人們帶入整體。



“我最近開始在當地社區開校車。 在我的路線上,我有一些非常受傷的孩子乘坐公共汽車。 一站有四個孩子,不幸的是,他們被父親遺棄,由祖母撫養。 祖母很可愛,但無法為男孩們提供適當的紀律。”


“在他們上車之前,他們就互相爭吵、推搡。 所以我的注意力沒有放在開車上,因為我必須繼續努力讓他們安頓下來,不要打擾公共汽車上的其他孩子。”

“在聽到馬克姐姐的證詞後,她在困難的情況下擴大了精神,我決定試一試。 我不得不承認,我不理解這個概念,但會嘗試一下。”

“好吧,你猜怎麼著,它奏效了。 我已經三度把精神放回到公共汽車上,幾分鐘之內,四個男孩就安頓下來,在接下來的旅程中保持安靜。”

“我以前的範式是在公共汽車上捆綁邪靈並祈求上帝保佑。 這要容易得多。 祝福主...” - EA 

16. 鼓舞人心的故事

上帝不能被時間所包含,也不能被時間所限制。 上帝比時間更偉大,因為他創造了時間! 他是在我們呼求之前就可以回答的神(賽 65:24;馬太福音 6:8)。 既然在精神領域沒有空間或時間限制,那麼在他的能力範圍內重做或改寫我們過去的一些事情——從而啟動事情,讓我們的未來變得更好。

好吧,一位想保持匿名的好朋友,在這些方面遇到了不尋常的遭遇。 下面她的故事有助於擴大我們的信念,即上帝比我們想像的更大、更無限。 最酷的部分是他想帶我們進入這些無限的領域。




“很多年前,當我懷孕時,我服用了一種治療孕吐的處方藥。 多年後,人們發現這種藥物會導致未出生嬰兒的出生缺陷和嚴重的健康並發症。我女兒三歲的時候,她不得不進行器官重建手術。 

“她結婚後不久,她和她的丈夫想要孩子。 早些時候,醫生髮現了先天性心臟瓣膜脫垂,因此他們決定進行一系列測試以評估她是否懷孕。在大約一周的時間裡,她在衣服下佩戴了有線傳感器墊和監視器,以跟踪她的心臟健康狀況。  

“那段時間的一天,我很意外地被主超越了。 在聖靈中,他護送我回到我女兒的一些早期童年經歷,在那裡我對她沒有很好的反應。 我一個一個地重溫每一個場合。 我沒有得到當時的回應,而是“重寫了腳本”! 在每一個例子中,我都對她表示同情,並以適當的智慧回應她,因為她是一個心地善良的小女孩。

“這次遭遇對我來說並不陌生,但對我來說卻是一次非常有影響力、詳細而生動的體驗。 我。 我全心全意地接受主通過我為我女兒所做的一切。 後來,主幫助我明白,這些場合中的每一個都是一個具有強烈影響力的時期,其中對環境的恐懼、對拒絕的恐懼和對匱乏的恐懼都進入了她的靈魂,甚至最終加劇了她先天性挑戰的嚴重性。   


“感謝上帝! 我相信他帶我回到了過去……這樣我就可以重寫腳本並改變未來。 以賽亞書 57:15 說上帝居住在永恆和時間裡。 通過重寫她過去發生的事情,它治癒了她現在的心。 我女兒和孫子孫女的生活就是活生生的證明,上帝比時間更偉大,他不受時間或我們過去的限制。 他可以在裡面工作,也可以在外面工作。 對他……或對我們……沒有區別,只要我們能相信。”

“那是將近 12 年前的事了。
 我的女兒和女婿現在有兩個驚人的自然出生的孩子。 感謝上帝的愛和良善。” – JS


按照同樣的思路,您可能會喜歡聆聽 Liz Wright 的 22 分鐘音頻,講述上帝如何帶她回到 500 年前,在特定情況下與阿拉貢的凱瑟琳王后“恢復歷史”。 當莉茲在這次經歷中兩次遭遇中的第一次時,她並不熟悉對凱瑟琳王后所做的不公正。 我想你會發現這個故事很有趣。

15. 鼓舞人心的故事

我們一直在研究參與“證人云”的想法。 令人信服的當前證詞和新啟示的聖經為這個一度禁忌的話題提供了新的啟示。 


Leroy 確認了我的問候

本週,我的一位非常親密的朋友 Leroy 繼承了他的永恆獎賞。
 他跑了一場充滿獎杯的比賽,現在正在接受他的獎勵——耶穌,面對面! 他現在在見證人的大雲中。 哇!!!


 我對Leroy有很多愛。 他現在在大量的證人中。 如果你有時間這樣看 Leroy,嗨!!! 把我的愛送給你。”


好吧,在我發送該文本後不到 30 分鐘發生了一些意想不到的事情。 我出去跑步,遇到一個騎自行車的人。 他騎過我,轉過身來,回來停下來和我說話。 異常! 所以,我停下來和他交往。 他是最好的開朗和健談的 69 歲男子。 我問他的名字,他說:“羅伊!” 在我們分開之前,我問我是否可以為他祈禱。 他同意了,很快我們就分道揚鑣了。 

我開始走開,然後想起就在幾分鐘前,我已經徵求了 Leroy 的注意並傳達了我的愛。
 好吧,這裡有一些有趣的事情:很多時候,我稱 Leroy 為“La Roy”,意思是“國王”(roy 的意思是國王)。 我在這個世界上遇到的下一個人,在我剛剛和勒洛伊打過招呼之後……他的名字是洛伊的可能性有多大? 

 他已經聽不見了。 我想給他回電,因為我才恍然大悟,“拉羅伊,你剛剛來找我,是不是? 哇! 愛你,我的朋友! 謝謝!” - MLH

14. 鼓舞人心的故事

我們許多人中的一位非常要好的朋友,於今年 1 月進入了他的永恆獎賞。
 多年來,達里爾·比林斯 (Daryl Billings) 是許多人的導師、父親、先驅、崇拜者、祈禱者、傳福音者和模範。 他出現在喬希的夢中應該不足為奇。 見證人的雲彩與我們互動,使他們和我們可以一起變得完美(來 11:40)。  (請注意,創世記 18:1-2 和使徒行傳 1:10-11 都將天上的人描述為穿著白袍。)



“最近,在夢中,我站在一個美麗的高山湖泊的岸邊。 隔著湖水,我注意到一個穿著白袍的人在水面上向我走來。 當他走近時,我認出了他是幾個月前去世的朋友達里爾·比林斯 (Daryl Billings)。 他徑直走到我面前,彷彿在半空中盤旋,對我說:“如果你想看到天堂降臨人間,你必須打開你靈魂的閘門。” 


 達里爾向我保證哪些種子來自上帝自己。 這是一個深刻的啟示。”

“我想起了耶穌的話:“如果眼睛是單一的,身體就會充滿光。” (馬太福音 6:22) 

“打開閘門!” – JC

13. 鼓舞人心的故事




“幾週前,我和妻子在科羅拉多州度假時享受了一些白水漂流。 在激烈的漂流之旅中,我們從一個七英尺高的瀑布上墜落,從一塊大石頭上跳了下來。 撞擊將我彈回到木筏的一側。 我用右腳挖地,設法留在船上;然而,當我堅持時,我過度伸展膝蓋並感覺它彈了好幾次。 當我們在徒步結束時下車時,我無法在沒有極度疼痛的情況下對右腿施加壓力。”

“在很多痛苦中,我們在當地一家藥店拿起了護膝並繼續我們的假期。 我打電話給我的朋友馬克,請他和我一起祈禱治愈。 他的第一反應是讓我們登上王座。 我閉上眼睛,擴大我的精神,很快發現自己坐在耶穌在天堂寶座上的腿上。 我從寶座的邊緣往下看,它看起來很遠。 我從他的腿上滑下來,開始繞著他的寶座走來走去。 身體上,我站起來,取下支具,開始在我們的住宿加早餐旅館外面走動。 我的膝蓋在幾秒鐘內就完全癒合了! 我開始跳上跳下! 我走回我們的房間,為仍在打電話的馬克感到高興。 當我掛斷電話時,我把剛剛發生的事情告訴了我的妻子,她和我一起歡欣鼓舞。”

“那天晚上,我們走遍了格倫伍德斯普林斯市中心,在一家屋頂餐廳吃飯。 當我從桌子上站起來時,我幾乎要倒下,再次無法對我的腿施加壓力。 我很困惑。 回到車上的路又長又痛。 那天晚上,我睡不著,幾次起床,在膝蓋上祈禱/說話。 第二天早上,我們討論了縮短假期並回家的選擇。 我們都對我們的困境感到失望。 我建議我們一起提升,在我的身體裡獲得力量。 這就是我們所做的! 耶穌立刻用光與生命淹沒了我的身體,我能夠以明顯減輕的痛苦再次行走。 我們不必回家,而是在猶他州和科羅拉多州繼續我們的假期,徒步旅行和步行! 我們現在回到家,感覺很棒! 感謝上帝!” - JC

12. 鼓舞人心的故事

  在精神領域是我們“坐下”、“隱藏”、“長大”等的地方。  因此,我正在尋找以精神為主導的方式來在精神中旅行並參與時間旅行。



“最近的一個太陽早晨,我早早出門祈禱……上升……旅行。 感覺及時參加了我姐姐 Leann 和兄長 Carl 的周日教會聚會,該聚會將於當天早上晚些時候在納什維爾之井舉行。 我站在他們的會眾中間,談論突破、榮耀和新鮮的力量/能量。 (他們中的許多人前一天參加了在那棟大樓裡舉行的大型葬禮。) 當我這樣做時,我想到了希臘詞“energeo”……意思是“提供力量”。 當我向他們宣布能量時,我低頭一看,離我的腳不到 12 英寸的地方有一個 5 小時能量飲料瓶。 答對了! 確認!!! 樂趣!!!”

“我給他們發了我的經歷。” - MLH


 不,我們沒有看到你,但我和你說話了,我們都帶著歡笑和興奮歡迎你參加我們的聚會。 😊 早上好棒!!!謝謝你們的‘來訪’,為我們釋放父親的心!”


 第一首歌,Leann 剛剛寫的新歌毀了我! 我幾乎看不清路。”

11. 鼓舞人心的故事



我們在帶領人們“揚升”的過程中度過了一段美好的時光……太好了。 許多與父親的第一次經歷和許多“耶穌的眼淚”。 讓這一切變得更值得!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 隨著我們更頻繁地“上升”,我相信我們會發現它變得更容易,變得更正常……而且我們會花更多的時間有意識地意識到我們的天堂現實而不是塵世現實(約翰福音 3:12-13)……我們天上的'房地產'比我們地上的房地產。 而且我敢打賭,一旦我們從這個世界“不受束縛”,選擇將是無限的!!!

想一想:在 80 年代之前,很少有人相信每個人都可以使用先知性事工……而且每個人都可以說預言。
 但現在這是基督身體許多部門的共同規範。 上帝正在為他的心開闢更多新的途徑,因為他希望我們“在他所在的地方”。 



父啊,我願你所賜給我的人也與我同在,使他們看見你所賜給我的榮耀…… - 約 17:24

在這個故事中,很明顯阿什利經歷了耶穌的榮耀和父親的榮耀。 這對她的心靈和思想產生了最難忘的影響。 也許這就是耶穌做上述禱告時所追求的。  😊


 當我閉上眼睛進入天界時,我看到了非常明亮的光,那種你必須瞇著眼睛。 當光線靠近我時,我可以看到它是大衛之星。 在我意識到這一點後,我立即聽到體育場的燈光被打開了。 所有的燈都亮得離譜……在我身上! 耶穌就在我身邊,他帶著如此驕傲的目光注視著我,微笑著看著我,就像“我創造了你,我創造了你!” 我完全失去了它,哭了又笑了……太多的情緒。”

“我一直在與如此多的不安全感和糟糕的自我形像作鬥爭。 我努力相信我是他的最愛! 在過去的11年裡,他用了無數人給我的話或預言說我是他的最愛。 雖然我的頭腦知道他對我有這種感覺,但我一直很難完全相信它! 我現在必須相信它!!! 他是這麼告訴我的!!” - 作為

10. 鼓舞人心的故事

 故事 總是伴隨著熱情、溫柔和驚奇。 那些永恆的時刻是驗證的重要組成部分,任何人都需要證明它們是否真實。 有經驗的人永遠不會一樣。 與最了解他們、最愛他們的那一位最溫柔但又最深刻影響的相遇,已經深深地寫在了他們的心上。 




“我以前從未有過這樣的衝擊或心痛的經歷。 我走進一個極光的地方,立刻感覺到主的同在是如此甜蜜。 當我向前看時,看到了耶穌的存在,然後我向左看,看到了我天父的臉。 當他看著我時,他笑得那麼燦爛。 我可以從他的臉上看到他對我的喜悅。 然後他的手向我伸出手,我忍不住親吻它,知道這是最愛我的那一位的手。 感動得眼淚都流出來了。”

 當我寫這個帳戶時,我又哭了。 它肯定讓我和我的主一起進入了更深的地方。” - SA

9. 鼓舞人心的故事

我們可敬的主正在為我們開闢越來越多的天堂領土。 我們真的相信耶穌,當他說:“不要害怕我的小羊群,因為天父很高興將王國賜給你”。 想知道我們對擁有我們的土地有多少信心? 我想你的信心和我的一樣在成倍增長。 




“我以前從未有過這樣的經歷。 在荒野祈禱中心與馬克的“揚升”會議期間,我將注意力集中在去天堂上。 我有一種要上升的輕微身體感覺……看到我正在接近寶座……然後耶穌來迎接我。 我沒有看到任何面部特徵,但只是“知道”那是耶穌。 愛和接納的感覺以及被完全關心的感覺,是我識別他的主要方式。” 

 我真的能感覺到它穿過我。 然後它似乎發生了變化,它變成了傾瀉而下的瀑布,徹底清洗了我。”

 在我與耶穌的關係中,我永遠不會忘記這個重要的‘基石’。” – 越南

8. 鼓舞人心的故事

 試想一下,讓事工出現在人們的夢中為他們服務是多麼酷……然後成為上帝在他們生活中至高無上的傑作的一部分。 你甚至不必離開你的床!!!  :-) 實際上,這聽起來像是神來之筆……因為不涉及“汗水”。 他得到了所有的榮耀,因為這不是靠一個人的力量或狡猾。 



“當時我正坐在辦公室裡,一位當地教派牧師走進來。 我們彼此認識,但不是親密的朋友。 他坐下來,流著淚說他的婚姻遇到了困難,並問我們是否可以幫助他。”

“我還沒來得及回答他,他就說:“我昨晚做了一個夢,在夢中我看到了這朵大白雲。 當我觀察雲彩時,你和你的妻子走出了雲彩,走進了我們的生活,為我們的婚姻帶來了醫治。”  ” 他仍然流著淚說:“我相信我應該接受你的輔導。” 我們會見了他們,並且能夠治愈這種關係。”

“後來,當他接到任務要去全州另一間教堂時,我問我是否可以為他祈禱,並帶著主的祝福送他出去。 他同意。 當我為他祈禱時,我能聽到他在說話……然後我意識到他在用方言祈禱……對於他的教派來說非常不尋常。 多麼美麗的送別。”

“當我們出現在這個男人的夢中時,它創造了驚人的勇氣奇蹟,使他能夠克服他必須遇到的任何內部阻力……這使他恢復了婚姻。 上帝是榮耀!” – EA

7. 鼓舞人心的故事


我們的好朋友克雷格和琳達·丁斯莫爾 (Craig Dinsmore) 主持了一個家庭教會,有近 12 名兒童參加了 2 或 3 年。
 他們開發了一種非常有效的方法,可以幫助孩子們參與天堂般的體驗。 事實上,克雷格編寫了一本簡單的小冊子,解釋了他們如何促進聚會,並分享了當時的一些值得注意的故事。 





在我們家的一個晚上,三個家庭聚在一起吃晚飯和“升天”。 我們在地板上鋪了毯子,為每個孩子創造一個個人空間。 然後當我們都上升時,我們要求孩子們畫出他們所看到或經歷的。 之後,每個人都分享了他們的經驗,我們讓孩子們描述他們的畫。 每個人都有一些特別的主題和經歷。 快結束的時候,我們最小的小傢伙亞瑟興奮地問道:“我們還能再做一次嗎?” 



但在會議開始後不久,3 名成人和 12 名幼兒走進了我們的會議。
  我以前從未見過他們中的任何一個……他們也沒有接觸過我們的任何“在線”話題。 所以問題是:我現在要做什麼? 要么讓孩子們學習高級科目……要么讓每個人都降到孩子們的水平,在他們所在的地方與孩子們見面。 我認為耶穌可能做了類似後者的事情......你認為!?

 我們讓所有孩子坐在地板上,他們每個人面前都有自己的白紙。 然後我解釋了約翰福音 10 章 9 節……耶穌邀請我們通過門進入他。 然後我們與房間裡的每個人一起發起了一場活動,並邀請孩子們畫出他們所看到或經歷的東西。  



因此,孩子不僅值得關注和值得慶祝,而且有時專注於他們是主可以用來接近成年人的鑰匙。 - MLH

6. 鼓舞人心的故事

2019 年末,一個素未謀面的人與我一起做了一個不尋常的夢。
 在這位女士的夢之後的幾個晚上,她和我碰巧在同一個會議上,我是演講嘉賓。 當我開始分享時,我注意到眼淚順著這位女士的臉頰流了下來。 我問她發生了什麼事。 她說:“兩天前你在我的夢中來找我,把你現在說的一切都告訴了我。” 這個故事還有更多有趣的細節。 但從那以後,我一直祈求上帝賜予更大的恩典來服侍夢中的人。

好吧,我在與俄羅斯北部朋友教會的 Zoom 會議上講了這個故事……在第一個故事中,我們看到這種出現在人們夢中的恩典被“轉移”到了俄羅斯北部的一位女士身上。
 樂趣!! 這就是見證的力量! 感謝上帝!

要與俄羅斯北部的小組一起查看此 Zoom,請訪問
 然後從 3 小時 00 分到 3 點 17 分——大約 17 分鐘的五旬節新酒有趣的東西——笑聲等。 我失去了我的翻譯 - 振亞被打了! 我討厭它發生時:-)。 我要做什麼???? 繼續前進……因為人們不懂英語,所以我只是用方言祈禱說:“主啊!” 但後來它“偷偷摸摸”到了我身上!! 很長一段時間以來,我都沒有受到過那麼多的“打擊”。 玩得很盡興。 然後證詞開始了。 我本來應該講 30-40 分鐘……但是事情被帶走了……他們讓我開了 2 ½ 小時。





“讓我從頭開始。 幾週前,我們的好朋友馬克·亨德里克森 (Mark Hendrickson) 通過 Zoom 向我們在俄羅斯的教會宣講了一個鼓舞人心的信息。 他談到走出我們正常祈禱生活的盒子,進入一些新的未探索的祈禱領域。 我們的教會喜歡他的信息,並立即付諸實施。”

“有一天,Tanya 正在看一部關於危險職業的電視節目。 這一集突出了電工。 她發現自己奇怪地為從事這一行業的人祈禱。”

“Tanya 是一名按摩治療師,通常只與兒童一起工作。 所以,當她接到一位素未謀面的紳士打來的電話,要求按摩時,她的第一反應是“不”。 不過,她覺得有點聖靈的推動,要幫助這個男人,所以她說,“是的。”

“那個男人來到她的辦公室;她給了他按摩,當她完成後,她問她是否可以為他的背部祈禱。 他同意。 她把手放在他的背上,祈禱,疼痛立刻消失了。 他太興奮了,付了雙倍的按摩費。”

“該男子大約一個星期沒有疼痛,直到半夜醒來,背部劇烈疼痛。 他最終又飄回了夢鄉。 在他睡覺的時候,他看到我們的按摩師坦尼婭,一身白衣,在夢中來到他身邊。 她把手放在他的背上,當他第二天早上醒來時,他發現疼痛消失了! 那個男人非常興奮,他打電話給她,告訴她發生了什麼事。”

“你猜這個人的職業是什麼? 你猜對了——他是個電工!”

“上帝在做一件新事! (賽 43:19)” – D&Z

5. 鼓舞人心的故事

 如果你問這是否符合聖經……想想變形山,摩西和以利亞在那裡與耶穌會面並“談到他將要在耶路撒冷完成的離開”(路 9:31)。 舊約聖徒走出看不見的領域,從字面上勸告耶穌,讓他“面向耶路撒冷”(路 9:51)。

如果耶穌是真的,那麼我們就有可能。 是的!!! 我們目前訪問了多少天堂資源? 這不是讓我們想要獲得更多嗎?



“幾個月前,一位年輕女子來到 The Well。
 從她的外表來看,她顯然是被生活“毆打”了。 有些來自她的選擇,也來自其他人的虐待。 從她的姿勢可以明顯看出她不想在那裡。”

“主給了我一張為她祈禱的人的照片,她一生都在為她祈禱,這個人說她會繼續為這個小女孩祈禱,直到她接受基督為她的救主。 當我說出這個知識詞時,她剛剛打破並開始哭泣。 她對留在那裡的所有抵抗都消失了,她變得脆弱。 然後主給了我一個名字,所以我問她這個人是不是叫露絲。 她的破碎愈發強烈,她跌倒在地,因為這是她不久前去世的祖母的名字,現在她明白,她是時至今日為她祈禱的眾多見證人之一。 (希伯來書 12 章)”

 如果她的心沒有被知識的話語打開,她將很難接受這個詞。” - EA

4. 鼓舞人心的故事





“星期四早上(大約上午 8:00)我在喬普林的家中,獨自一人在榮耀中。 當我進入他的光中時,我睜開眼睛,驚訝地發現我的整個客廳都充滿了光! 它來自我的身體! 我閃耀著明亮的白光。 突然,我想到了我的一個朋友,他被緊急送往堪薩斯城接受緊急手術。 我開始擴展我的精神,發現自己站在她的床邊——(我在這裡……然後我在那裡)。 我的身體在發光和半透明——病房裡充滿了光。 我把手伸進她的肚子裡,她開始發光。 我在聖靈裡禱告並為她歌唱。 一切都發生得很快……然後我突然意識到自己的身體,坐在客廳的沙發上。”


“那天下午,我給她打了電話——電話響了好幾次,她終於接了。 她痛苦萬分,痛哭流涕。 她說她的胃已經膨脹到正常大小的兩倍,她不能去洗手間。 我開始對她講真理和醫治。 我命令她的身體運作。 頓時,神的臨在非常強烈。 她的聲音變得平靜。 她說她看著眼前的腫脹逐漸消退,並有點尷尬地承認她不得不趕緊去洗手間。”  


“然後她告訴我她在早上 8:00 左右遇到的一次遭遇。 她說她的房間被燈光照亮了,“天堂進入了她的房間。” 我還發現她的丈夫(幾個月前就離開了她)和她在一起。 我為他們倆祈禱並說再見。 他們於週日一起返回喬普林。 她已經完全康復了! 我現在看到他們的婚姻正在恢復! 謝謝你,耶穌!!!!!!” – JC

3. 鼓舞人心的故事


“許多人會說:“我們上主的山吧…… (因為那是)他將教導他的道路,我們將走在他的路上……”  - 賽 2:2-3  


我們從哪裡了解他的道路,以及如何走在他的道路上? 當我們“上升”時。 


 她真誠地渴望有一次真正的邂逅……並且不希望它成為她自己想像力的一種鍛煉。 這次相遇之後,當她講述這個故事時,她幸福的淚水對我們和她來說都綽綽有餘,證明她真的有天堂般的經歷。



“在一次集體‘揚升’經歷中,我請求主帶我到祂的心和寶座。 當我開始“上升”時,出乎意料的是,我發現自己正在“旅行”回到我在菲律賓北部的家鄉。 我“下來”在一片大麥田中間的碎石路上。 父神遇見了我,領我進了一座白色的大宅子。 我們穿過豪宅走到一個後院,那裡有一輛“buckboard”型四輪馬車在等著。 它被一隻水牛(水牛)拉著。 父神坐在前座掌權,而我坐在他身後。 當我們穿過大片的大麥田時,我非常高興能靠在推車的邊緣,把手伸過麥粒。 偶爾,他很慈愛地回望我,我們會一起笑。 過了一會兒,我們最終並排坐在一個可以俯瞰所有田野的草地上。 很快,我意識到我作為一個小女孩開始了這整個經歷,但在最後的某個時候,我已經過渡到了我現在的成年年齡。 在整個體驗過程中,我感到格外被愛、安全、快樂、充實和無憂無慮! 然後……我回到了我的物理環境中。”


“在我童年的大部分時間裡,我塵世的父親都不在我們身邊,這為他的家人在美國與他團聚鋪平了道路。 這段天堂般的經歷讓我注意到了一個我不知道自己生活在其中的“父親空虛”。 我的天父讓我知道他一直在‘養育’我,從而治癒了我。” – CH

2. 鼓舞人心的故事

天之風變! 如你所知,我們正在接觸更多“揚升生活”的現實。 對天堂體驗有了新的認識和信仰……甚至與聖靈一起旅行。 結果,個人故事肯定會增加。 我認為當我們每個人都找到更大的信心來探索我們的遺產時,我們的父親正在欣喜若狂地微笑。 我們向我們的“旅行”和天堂般的經歷宣告更多的恩典!!!!!



“昨晚,當我和我的妻子坐在客廳裡時,我們決定(在聖靈中)繞著我們房產的四個角落‘走’,為它祝福。 在這次經歷中有很多“現實”……有一些“經歷”,似乎我們真的“在那裡”。 當我們回到出發角時,我把手放在燈柱和樹之間,對我的妻子說:“我現在正直視我們的家”。 就在那一刻,我們的兩部手機同時響起了我們的相機通知。 我們檢查了通知視頻,但捕獲的視頻中沒有任何移動。 我們覺得這是上帝鼓勵我們並幫助我們相信擴大領土的有效性和力量的方式。” - JH

1. 鼓舞人心的故事





“不久前的一個清晨,我問主他今天想做什麼……他想帶我去哪裡? 我立刻發現自己身處另一個州,飛過一座我多年前曾經居住過的城市。 這就像在街上播放的快動作視頻。 我在一個朋友家門前停了下來。 我被帶到一樓,上樓梯,下大廳,然後進入他的客廳。 我的朋友坐在他的安樂椅上,但他似乎非常沮喪或沮喪。 所以我在‘那裡’為他祈禱。”

“祈禱後,我立即回到家中的椅子上。 幾分鐘後,我打電話給我的朋友。 (我對他生活中的任何問題一無所知。) 我問他最近怎麼樣? 他說:“你能打電話真是太好了。 我非常沮喪。 幾天前,我被解雇了 20 年的工作。” 幾分鐘前,我告訴他我“在聖靈中旅行”的經歷,並告訴他我的感受以及我為他祈禱的內容。 他有福了!” - 鉛


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