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ALC Basics

What is Ascended Life Community?
A brief overview of how ALC come into being... and what's happening currently.  

Ascension Unto Governance
I call this 'my 10 year workout plan'.  This plan gives me incremental progress markers as I proceed toward my goal.  This provides the best possibility of attaining what I believe is God's dream for me.  The left side of this one-page document is the text portion which includes Scripture for establishing the validity of each step.  The right side is meant to visually compliment the left side in each step of growth as we move into the 'above the line' living.

Ascension - Practical Tips for Exercise
Just one of many ways to begin to 'move' into the Heavenlies... bringing our soul into the same experience that our spirit is already having.

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Ascended life possibilities

Dual Realities of the Believer
If Jesus is the Pattern Son... and we're to do what He did (and does), then John 3:12 says that He had learned to live in the earthly and Heavenly realm at the same time.  This document introduces us to this first step of awareness that we are dual reality beings... for starters.  But soon we'll learn that we can be even more place simultaneously.  Exciting!

Option for Immortality
Jesus and Paul say some rather startling things about death, mortality and immortality.  We're going to have to do some serious soul searching if we're going to come to terms with these passages. 

What if You Don't Have to Die?
The body of Christ has regained serious lost ground in the last 120 years.  It's staggering what we're walking in now compared to 1 or 2 centuries ago.  Do you think that regaining of lost ground has stopped... that's all there is to regain?  Of course not!  So what is ahead.  Immortality is definitely in God's dream for you and me.   

Life and Immortality
If science is prolonging life, then how much more can the favor of God extend our lives!  We're going to have to just believe God Word... just take Him at His word!  This subject is a stretch, but it seems to be clearly offered for those will apprehend it.  

What about Higher Consciousness?
Our earth-based consciousness has kept us reduced down to mere mortal status.  The laws of physics pretty much determine our 'believer-system'.   But Jesus invites us on up above... into a higher realm... thus a higher consciousness.  Then Col 3:2 says to set our minds on this higher consciousness... DO NOT THINK on the lower things!  How's that working for us?  God is seriously in the business of upgrading our minds.

Defining our Transition into the Heavenlies
This simple graphic identifies the contrasts between living in the earthly/soulish realm versus living in the Spirit.  And living in the Spirit realm seems to be a whole lot more like "life and life more abundantly."  

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Man... Lower or Higher than the Angels?
If Jesus is seated far above all principalities and powers... and we're seated with Him in these Heavenly places, then where are the angels in relationship to us?  True angels will not let you worship them (Rev 19:10), for they are our servants.  Why would we worship something lower than us?  Only if we didn't truly know the magnitude of our true identity. 

Angels - Heaven's Amazing Resource - (a graphic)
A simple graphic depicting our relationship with God and angels.  Even though we are "seated with Christ in Heavenly places", our familiarity with that position is poor.  Angels, being sent on mission to minister to us, help us find our way into fulfilling Father's dream about us.  Eventually we end up "judging angels".   Now that should put some kind of special affinity in our hearts for these humble non-self-seeking agents of Heaven. 

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Our New Prayer Posture - Declare/Prophesy
Say it with me, "No more beggar prayers!!!"  I will not stoop to the practices of yesterday... as good as they were for that day.  The truth is, those practices were the best we knew... and God honored us as we used our best revelation at the time.  But now, we've been revelated with much more understanding of who we are.  We must now learn how to speak as an "oracle of God".  

Acquiring New Prayer Tools
We used to have only one or two options: plaintiff prayer and maybe pray in tongues with Holy Spirit.  But as we grow we're finding we have a boat-load of more effective options.  And when we activate them in our lives, they actually resonate deeply with our true identity as a co-governor with God.  Truthfully, when we stay in the plaintiff mode, we cut our own faith off 'at the knees' and we impugn the veracity of God's word that He's already spoken to us.  Check out this growing list of prayer tools.  

Time for an Upgrade - Authoritative Prayer
Have you ever felt like there must be a better way than just continuing to beg from God?  Doesn't it bother you that this posture seemed to impugn God as being somehow uncaring, not listening, distant or detached from your prayer focus.  Consider this: Maybe the delay was Him trying to wean us from begging.  Maybe He was waiting for us to grow up into our inheritance of c0-ruling with Him.  But, that would require that we find His mind on the matter and pray a Jesus-type-prayer over the situation.  Declare what you just heard from Father, into the situation.  Hear first... then declare.   Hmmmm.  Now that just feels good... something resonates deep down inside.  This is who I was made to be!!! 

Reigning Declarative Prayer - What's the Big Deal?
The dream of Father God is that He could someday share the governing of the His Kingdom with us... literally giving us the reign - in this life!  That sounds like a lot, but it's what Adam had before the fall and several powerful Scriptures say that is still Father's dream.  So, we must begin the process shedding our 'little ol' me' complex and move into 'His beloved' status.

The Faith of God to Proclaim
What if praying wasn't about trying to muster up gumption and faith enough to move a mountain?  What if it was about just agreeing with God... like a little child... and saying what He says.  Takes the sweat out of it, doesn't it?!

Three Eras of Prayer Posture
Did you know that Jesus stated that there would be a time that if you asked Him to ask the Father for your need, that He might not do it for you?  Did know that?  I mean, how could Jesus say something like? 

Well, check it out in Jn 16:26.  Jesus went on to intimate that since you've come to believe Him... and since He came to represent the Father (if you've seen Me, you've seen the Father) then now you need to learn to go to the Father just like I do!  

O boy, this will rattle our cage!  But it's another radical milestone in the maturation process of every sincere Bible believing believer!!!  

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Insights For Living

What is a Pioneer?
Since I am one, this type of person is of special interest to me.  You may be a pioneer, too!  If so, you'll likely find some inspiration as you identify with the sentiments on in this post.

On-ramps into God
So, I really had a great encounter with God yesterday.  But how can I do that again, today?  Establish your personal 'on-ramps' that give you easy access.  If you'll hallow and rehearse those 'on-ramps', you will find it easy to 'get in' anytime you like.

Greater Intimacy Required
As we move into uncharted territories in the Heavenlies, it will be mandatory that we've developed a maturing ability to hear and see with our spirit man.  Joshua said as he was about to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land, "Prepare yourselves... for tomorrow we cross over... and we've never been this way before."  How do you prepare for something that you've never done before?  A sobering look at some necessary skills.

God is better than His gifts
We've all grown quite comfortable with functioning in Holy Spirit's gifts.   What a gift from Holy Spirit!!!  But several passages in Scripture indicate that these gifts will cease at some point.  Why is that?  And when is that?  And what will things look like after that point?  And how will we function then?  Sound interesting?  Here are a few thoughts to inspire your own quest.  

Fleece Template - Finding the Will of God
If you've ever had 'egg on your face' after making a decision that failed to deliver the expected results, you may want to consider this approach to finding the will of God for your life.  It's easy, but it's hard.  It's simple to apply this template over your situation... but more difficult to walk out the outcome.  Honestly, this is how we've done business with God for nearly 25 years.  No major failures in our history.  Interested?  Check it out.

Follow-life - A Little Child Can Do It
Jesus said we had to become like little children.  So little children have to be able to do this 'follow God' stuff.  So how does a little child do it.  You may be surprised at how simple it is.  And you'll likely want to try using this little child technique in your 'big people' decisions, too. 

We Are As He Is
Could it really be true?  But isn't that sacrilege and grasping for something of God beyond my the proper boundaries as a mere mortal?  Yes, it is for mere mortals!  But you and I aren't mere mortals!  We are "new creations."  We're "one spirit with Him."  And as grandiose as this verse seems, the truth is far greater than we have understood yet. 

What if - Ye Are Gods?
Jesus quoted Psalms to the Pharisees.  This is a staggering insight into how God sees us.  Yes, it is controversial, but then much of the Gospel is controversial until you have been revelated.  

What if - We Actually Can Forgive Sin
Was Jesus just using a figure of speech... or did He really mean it?  And if so, how and when can you use it?  Why haven't of this being applicable to us, before?  O boy!!  There is so much out there for us to grow into!! 

Aligning Our Triune Self With Our Triune God
"Out of our heart flows all the issues of life".  Great verse to memorize.  Yes, I know I should be led by my spirit man, but mostly I let my body and soul lead me.  So, I need to "take every thought captive" and begin to engage my spirit man... and live from my spirit man.  This simple but powerful prayer may inspire and empower you.

Alignment of Our Triune Being - (a graphic)
Sometimes it is difficult to 'see' abstract concepts.  This graphic may be helpful in 'seeing' God's design for your 3-part being... and how you can facilitate Heaven's flow through you. 

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Book Recommendations
Many in our ALC 'family' have read these books and found a great deal of knowledge and inspiration from the authors.  They are even listed sequentially in what we feel is a good path of growth.

Bob Jones 100-year prophecy
Years ago, Bob Jones gave a prophecy that spanned 100 years - from 1950 to 2060.  Of course some of those years were behind him... but the ones ahead of him are the ones that are proving to be noteworthy.  For instance, you'll note that the decade of the 2020's would reveal the "rest of God".  And it's no secret to anyone that in the third month of the 202o's the whole globe was forced to rest... take a sabbath... because of covid.  Hmmm.  You'll find it even more interesting what Bob says about then next 3 decades, especially in his own commentary. 

Stories to Inspire
Stories provided by sincere frontiersmen and women who we personally know and can vouch for the veracity of these accounts.  Each one is an adventure into territory that isn't within the normal scope of experience of the average Christian.  But is it our strong belief that God has invited His people into super-natural experiences... even into experiences for which there is no earthly parallel or precedent to compare it with.  I hope you will find some inspiration and courage that will usher you beyond your own limits of the past. 

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Emerging New Age

Third/Seventh Day notes
We've entered the 3rd and 7th 'day' since Creation.  What significance does that have for us?

Have You Experienced the Shift Yet?
The 'shift' is happening all around.  Can you feel it?  Where is it leading us?

The Changing Church - What's Happening to my Church?
Jesus' Church is experiencing the rigors of transition from one age to another.

The Changing Face of Christianity
Prophesied for 40 years, the transition is in full swing.  Hold everything loosely because many 'sacred' things of yesterday will likely not make it through the change.  You'll love the contrasts of what we used to believe over what we're now walking in.  Glorious upgrades!

What on Earth is Happening for Heaven's Sake?
Way too many strange things are happening in our world!  What does it mean?  Can you keep your eyes on the purpose and not distracted by the darkness?  Is it possible that God is restraining Himself now, for a higher purpose?  What could that purpose be?  How do you fit in that purpose?

New Hallmarks of Christianity in this New Emerging Age
Every age has it's very distinctive emphasis and laws and rewards, etc.  This is easy to see as we transitioned from Old Covenant to New Covenant.   Same God, different emphasis.   Well, we're passing another HUGE milestone in history... the threshold leading into a new age.  Question: What are the hallmarks of this age? 

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